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MOTO heisst auf japanisch:

Ursprung. Moto ist voller Kraft und Schönheit. Sinn und Sinnlichkeit. MOTO ist Genesis und Quell unerschöpflichen Genusses.

phase-out model
phase-out model
18/10 stainless
material thickness:
7 mm

Das Besteck!
ist viel

mehr als kultiviertes Handwerkszeug zur Nahrungsaufnahme. Auerhahn ist zeitgeistige und zeitlose Esskultur für jeden Tag.
Alles aus 18/10 Edelstahl, rostfrei und

...Auerhahn brand shop
design: Makio Hasuike
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single parts

single parts in stainless

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  • dinner spoon Auerhahn Moto dinner spoon Auerhahn Moto in 18 /10 stainless
    length: 212 mm -
    18,95 €
    (tax free: 15,92€ )
  • serving spoon Auerhahn Moto serving spoon Auerhahn Moto in 18 /10 stainless
    length: 250 mm -
    47,95 €
    (tax free: 40,29€ )
  • pie server Auerhahn Moto pie server Auerhahn Moto in 18 /10 stainless
    length: 232 mm -
    47,95 €
    (tax free: 40,29€ )
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This cutlery is made from

18/10 high-grade steel . stainless steel is an alloy of steel, chrome and nickel which is used preferentially with quality cutlery. Chrome and nickel provide for the corrosion resistance and the softer shine which can be noticed on closer inspection. The steel of this cutlery includes 18% chrome and 10% nickel and is dishwasher safe and resistant against light acids and waters.

Auerhahn Moto has knives with

a . Auerhahn Moto in stainless is highly polished. The budget-priced, extraordinary cutlery has only some additional parts: from pie server to dinner spoon, from dinner spoon to serving spoon .

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