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Berndorf LogoBerndorf cutlery in gold plated - from Avantgarde to Opus matt

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Two of the nicest models from

stainless steel from Berndorf near Vienna are made with a high-quality golden plating, with both extraordinary cutleries from Austria the sandblasted part of the handle is accentuated with gold.

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Furthermore we are glad to guarantee the short-term dispatch for most goods of the following brands: Fürstenberg Porzellan, mono, Picard & Wielpütz, Pott, Reichenbach Porzellan, Robbe & Berking, Wilkens & Söhne.
We continue working but the situation of the internal health protection as well as the situation of our manufacturers might delay your delivery. Thank yoou for understanding!
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3 patterns

Both of the already unusual

design-models become outstanding pieces of jewellery of the dining-culture by the golden application. The golden coating is applied in a galvanic procedure to the silverware, the strength of the golden cover is guaranteed by Berndorf with 1µ (micron) in 23ct. Already in the original sketch James Kawada has intended his successful model Avantgarde matt in a variation with gold on the slim handles. This variation matches perfect to dishes and Porcelain with luxuriant golden applications, the gold corresponds with the decoration of the porcelain and the purity of the shape leaves enough space for the ornamental art. That almost applies for Opus matt with gold, the part between handle and bowl in shape of a small triangle, is particularly accentuated by underlining the sandblasted surface. Longevity and functionality are traditionally central for Berndorf, and so you may also make in this regard high demands to the models with gold plating. That applies for both tablewares of Berndorf from Austria: a special design, tastefully underlined by the golden cover, which in spite of all elegance is a long-lasting piece of jewellery with Viennese atmosphere.



The gold plating is applied in a galvanic procedure on a core of base metal. The fineness of the golden finish usually is specified in thousandth or in carat. 999/ººº fine gold contains 99.9% of gold (Au) and 0.1% of admixtures; In this context one carat is the 24th part – originally related to the gold Mark. So 24 carats correspond theoretically to 100% gold but due to technically conditioned impurity it is the same like 999 / ººº fine gold.

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