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Berndorf LogoBerndorf cutlery in stainless, silver plated and sterling 925

Auerhahn silverplated by Reiner cutleries

BSF cutleries

  • Berndorf cutlery in stainless, silver plated and sterling 925
    Berndorf brand shop

    Dining culture is a lifestyle.

    Berndorf is the design for new generation, which wants to discover new experience while cooking and meeting with friends.

  • cutleries stainless

    Cutleries stainless

    Trendy, classic or focused on the shape, every day deserves high-quality design. The Berndorf stainless steel cutlery is characterized by a large traditional longevity, whether silver or Nicro® steel, which applied already at times of Krupp.

  • cutleries silver plated

    Cutleries silver plated

    Berndorf flatware in silver plated shows a representative cross section of the high-quality products of the company. Classics and child cutleries which are already offered in alpacca by the company from Austria at the time of Arthur Krupp can be found...

    silver plated
  • cutleries sterling 925

    Cutleries sterling 925

    Sterling silver cutlery is the big inheritance of Berndorf from Austria and a piece of cultural history from Vienna. These both models already were shown at the times of Arthur Krupp more than 100 years ago in the pattern books and were produced...

    sterling 925
  • cutleries gold plated

    Cutleries gold plated

    Two nicest models from stainless steel from Berndorf near Vienna are made with a high-quality golden plating, with both extraordinary cutleries from Austria the sandblasted part of the handle is accentuated with gold.
    The both already unusual...

    gold plated
Berndorf cutlery

Again and again, Berndorf

is an expression of vital optimism, well diversified food, creativity during its processing and delightfulness during the eating. Just today, in the FastFoods world, your cooking will become creative and you will enjoy the experience lived through all your senses.

Anything appealing is allowed

- this applied from Goethe´s times and applies even more for cozy households. As long as from 1843, Berndorf is a kind of every-day small feast based in a tradition of stylish dining chat.

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    silver plated
      sterling 925
        gold plated

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