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hollow handle

Silver of Christofle connects

like no other luxury and spirit of the times. The flatware, hollowware and pieces of art are created on the basis of unconditional will to the renewal under observance of

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design: Eugeni Quitllet
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single parts in stainless

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  • dessert fork  L'Ame de Christofle dessert fork Christofle L'Ame de Christofle in stainless
    6 pcs 108,00 €
    (tax free: 93,10€ )
  • vegetable serving fork  L'Ame de Christofle vegetable serving fork  Christofle L'Ame de Christofle in stainless
    56,00 €
    (tax free: 48,28€ )
  • serving spoon  L'Ame de Christofle serving spoon Christofle L'Ame de Christofle in stainless
    56,00 €
    (tax free: 48,28€ )
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This cutlery is made from

high-grade steel . stainless steel is an alloy of steel, chrome and nickel which is used preferentially with quality cutlery. Chrome and nickel provide for the corrosion resistance and the softer shine which can be noticed on closer inspection. The steel of this cutlery includes chrome and nickel and is dishwasher safe and resistant against light acids and waters.

Christofle L'Ame de Christofle

has knives with a hollow handle. Knives with a hollow handle have a blade of special steel which is clearly sharper than a blade from an simple chrome steel. The high-quality hollow handle knives are always composed from two parts, with this cutlery from the blade and the handle from stainless. Christofle L'Ame de Christofle in stainless is highly polished. The budget-priced cutlery has only some additional parts: from dessert fork to serving spoon, from dessert fork to vegetable serving fork .

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