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When Christofle was founded

170 years ago the production of stainless steel cutlery was probably rather inconceivable. Charles Christofle founded a factory for the production of silvered goods – the Orfèvrerie Christofle.

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10 patterns

The same company has produced

in the 19th century and in the beginning of the 20th century even beds with full-size figures of sterling silver, devotes itself in the modern times also to the design and the production of cutleries from stainless steel. Cutleries from stainless steel are in the history of Christofle rather a new appearance. And new ways Christofle also goes with the design of these cutleries. The range of cutleries in stainless steel split itselve in the essentials in two groups: Here you find the quite traditional patterns like Albi, Mimosa and Hudson, the last-mentioned a Relaunch of a design from the house Cardeilhac. The model Osiris at least also belongs to this group of the classical cutleries, a variation of the pattern Aria which is delivered in silver plated exclusevely.

While in the range of the sterling

silver cutleries Christofle keeps close to the traditional patterns, experimental joy rules in the assortment of the stainless steel cutleries. The by far bigger number of the stainless steel cutleries of Christofle devotes itself to the unusual design. Quite prominent in this range the pattern Élémentaire: Designed by Yves Savinel and Gilles Rozé this model is a special highlight of the table: set on the table in French manner - the knife with the edge to table cover and the forks with the prongs down - the cutlery turns to a harmonious picture in which all handle ends point in soft lines down. Even this extravagant design is made by Christofle with a high-quality hollow handle knife.
However, also with the cutleries in stainless steel you find again the idea which guides through the whole collection of Christofle: The idea to connect the highest quality and perfect design with the today's life style.



The gold plating is applied in a galvanic procedure on a core of base metal. The fineness of the golden finish usually is specified in thousandth or in carat. 999/ººº fine gold contains 99.9% of gold (Au) and 0.1% of admixtures; In this context one carat is the 24th part – originally related to the gold Mark. So 24 carats correspond theoretically to 100% gold but due to technically conditioned impurity it is the same like 999 / ººº fine gold.

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