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Dresden Porcelain Blume Golddekor dinnerware
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Pieces of the Dresden Porcelain

manufacture are always special unique specimens. Even with this dinner service every piece is a unique absolutely handpainted piece and the décor in Dresdner Porzellan Blume Golddekor never will be repeated. Dresdner Porzellan Blume Golddekor is the most popular dinnerware of Dresden Porcelain. On the form Neubrandenstein whose origins go back to the middle of the 18th century, Dresden Porcelain has created a decoration which corresponded absolutely to the time taste of the outgoing 19th century.

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Two bouquets of hand painted

flowers are framed from geometrical ornaments of polished gold. Each of these bouquets is composed of one main flower and at least one other smaller flowers, again framed by different tendrils. Particularly the special peculiarity of the Dresden Porcelain manufacture takes effect here: the free flower painting: The bouquets of flowers and bundles are painted without predrawing on the glaze. Though there is default for the rhythm and the arrangement of the blossoms, there are also patterns for the blossoms, arrangement and, nevertheless, their colours are from plate to plate, from cup to cup different. Please, follow in the detailed representations the different photos on which they can recognise different decoration variations. With pleasure your wishes concerning the flower kind and the colours are considered by ordering new service parts from Dresden. The dinnerware Dresdner Porzellan Blume Golddekor like to be used, however, should be cleaned by hand. The Dresdner Porzellan Blume Golddekor encloses all important parts for dinner-, coffee-, and tea sets, nevertheless it fits to all parts of the Dresden Porcelain which you can get with a bouquet of flowers. An attractive contrast to the service Blume Golddekor is the combination with the so-called flower Blume leicht, to a similar decor which is painted with less golden decoration. Dresdner Porzellan Blume Golddekor generously shows what is possible to paint on the porcelain in Dresden - carefully and with light touch.


This dinnerware is made in

Germany from hard Porcelain which is composed from kaolin, feldspar and quartz. Blume Golddekor is finished with a shiny glaze. The decoration is hand painted, is applied on the glazing and is from polished gold. The classical dinnerware offers a big extent additional available individual parts - from tureen to creamer small, from bowl to vegetable tureen.

Hallmark  Dresden Porcelain

Hallmark Dresden Porcelain


Sächsische Porzellanmanufaktur

Dresden: Authentic and Unique, Excessively and Prestigiously. You must'nt be a porcelain specialist to recognise these pieces of art as of the Dresden genre - not to mistake with the Viennese manner or the gesture of Meißen.

The history of the Dresdner Porzellan

has begun for a long time before the real foundation by Johann Carl Gottlieb Thieme in 1872. In a period of bloom in which in Dresden many house painters white china (Weissware) decorated, also produced Johann Carl Gottlieb Thieme decorative porcelain which he expelled with great success also in his small art dealer's shop and classical art action

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