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In 1867 the silver manufacture

is founded by the priest Adrien Céleste Pillon in a small village to the north of Paris. In the beginnings the company beside cutlery produced mainly silver objects for the church use. Already at the end of the 19th century the brand opened a shop in Paris and adapted also the products to the Paris taste: the main focus moved to cutleries and hollow product for the prospering city. The luxury brand equipped the top hotels in the French Riviera and also delivered later for the oversea steamer Normandy the equipment for the tourist class. This steamboat of the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique was not only famous for his speed - the boat gained the cordon bleu on his maiden voyage - but primarily for his luxurious equipment in Art Deco style.

Other equipments of luxury liners

and hotels in top categories followed, until the brand is honored in 1978 by the calling in the Comité Colbert, the circle of the French luxury brands. The company took over in 1986 the Orfèvrerie Ravinet d'Enfert and coutelier Peter, and could so introduce other competence in the company. Ravinet d'Enfert is well known for his exquisit crafted silver hollowware, coutellerie Peter is characterized by combining from semiprecious stones and fine woods with his cutlery. We find a hint to these technologies nowadays in the cutlery L'Insolent from 2005 which subtly connects the materials silver and precious stone with each other. In the same year the luxury brand from Paris with has moved his boutique in the famous Rue Royal in Paris.

Today at many five-star hotels

in the world are equipped with Ercuis cutleries and hollowware. And not least in cooperation with known architects and star-decorated chefs over and over again new sensations are originated, which in many hours in the hands of the experienced masters become masterpieces of the French elegance.

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