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Gräfenthal by Reichenbach LogoGräfenthal by Reichenbach Birds Bisquit figurines - from Gelbbrustara to Molukkenkakadu

Gräfenthal by Reichenbach Birds bemalt

Gräfenthal by Reichenbach Birds Bisquit Schwarz

The entire collection of Gräfenthal by Reichenbach Birds Bisquit

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A detailed feather dress,

dynamic shape and seemingly always in motion: the birds of Gräfenthal are not for nothing the most popular porcelain figures. Silky white the bisquite porcelain shimmers and gives each one a delicate liveliness. Different characters meet in the porcelain collection, from pompous to charming: Gerd Sommerlade has robbed them all of their original colorfulness and makes them small, aesthetically pale creatures.

design: Gerd Sommerlade
Made in Germany
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This living design is made

in Germany from hard Porcelain which is composed from kaolin, feldspar and quartz. Birds Bisquit has a biscuit surface without glaze. The functional, romantic living has only some additional parts - from Gelbbrustara to Molukkenkakadu, from Gelbbrustara to Wellensittich, links.


Quite a special liveliness

and a fine painting characterize the figurines of Gräfenthal by Reichenbach.

Founded more than 160 years ago

in Gräfenthal, a small town at the foot of the 'Rennsteig' in the Thüringischen Schiefergebirge(Thuringian Slate Mountain Range ), the company arised from small house paintings and was soon specialized in figurines of porcelain. Thuringia was split in many dukedoms and at the middle of the year century several such 'factories' were originated, which devoted themselves to small, but very high-quality objects. These got by with little material and transport expenditure, required however a high

Gräfenthal by Reichenbach brand shop
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