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The Coutellerie Jean Philip

located close to the French knife town of Thiers does not invent the cutlery anew, it is just made good.

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11 patterns

The predominantly classical

models are well worked out in traditional craft kind in many small - however deciding details. The knives are sharp, the forks are pointed, the spoons have a deep bowl and are cranked properly. All these qualities are united in models which have an excellent haptics and a well-balanced size.

The history of Coutellerie Jean

Philip begins in 1924 in the small contemplative village Saint-Rémy-sur-Durolle near the famous cutlery town Thiers. Already in the 14th century the originally Celtic town in the Auvergne begins his bloom with the cutlers's art. At that time the river Durolle with his strong slope delivered the necessary power for the big mechanical forging hammers. About 300 'Coutelleries' in the town and the 'Musée de la Coutellerie' with his both locations in the historic center and on the shores of the Durolle are witnesses of this heir. Today Thier is known by the famous penknife brand Laguiole In Saint-Rémy-sur-Durolle, a small town which is possibly still known by his production of corkscrews, the enterprise begins with the production of semimanufactured products for the in Thiers resident knife smiths and metal-processing handicraft. Beside platters and bowls in all shapes the enterprise early begins to produce cutlery of stainless steel which then was finished, polished and distributed in Thiers. After the resettlement of the manufacture in the neighbouring municipality of Palladuc the enterprise founded his both brands 'Coutellerie Jean Philip' and 'Arvor', under whose name then also the completely finished stainless products are distributed. In Pallduc Jean Philip succeeded with the constant reliable quality to achieve an international reputation.

The cutleries by Coutellerie

Jean Philip are produced even today with the same care which is traditionally spent since the foundation of the company. None of many small steps which are necessary to a fine cutlery is missing: At the beginning, there's the cutting of the rough outlines of a cutlery piece from a level flat steel, with Jean Philip from at least 4 mm thickness. In the next step the spoons and points of the forks will are thinly rolled out - laminated - between two rollers. The prongs are cut out with the fork - but remain still in front joined, so that they do not loose the shape with the next working steps. The next operation needs the highest pressure: 500 t of pressure is neccessary to press the round form of a fork or a spoon from a flat piece of steel, with lower and and upper tools which shape the cutlery part. As the last step of the styling the handle of the fork or the spoon is stamped, which also presses in the respective ornament. At last every cutlery part is polished in several operations, so that the surface gets smooth and shiny and the cutlery additionally can be matted in various ways.

At the end of this process, after

all these different operations which must be excecuted with care and without missing a step, there's a cutlery which meets highest demands. The boundless guaranteed availability for all patterns underlines the claim of the manufacturer in quality and orientation towards the requirement of discerning customers. By these qualities Coutellerie Jean Philip cutlery has become the darling of the good kitchen.



Stainless steel of home products is an alloy of steel, chrome and nickel which is dishwasher safe and resistant to corrosion by light organic and inorganic acids and water. To the cleaned steel the elements chrome (Cr) and nickel (Ni) are added and provide the corrosion resistance and the softer shine which can be noticed on closer inspection. High-grade steel - stainless steel can also contain other elements like molybdenum, vanadium and other more, however, common 18/10 steels with 18% of chrome and 10% of nickel is very popular. For low demands 18/0 steel is offered which contains no nickel and is notably less corrosion-resistant  and shining.

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