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Reichenbach LogoReichenbach Porzellini Blau children's dinnerware - from breakfast to mug Finnland

Reichenbach Porzellini Grün

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Reichenbach Porzellini Blau dinnerware
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Friendly and colorful is the

world of the creator of Porzellini, at least if one believes his drawings. In the photo it is shown together with the spoon of Piccolino.

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design: Marcus Didßun
Made in Germany
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The five different motifs

and four colors make it difficult to beat the variety of the children's porcelain. The giraffe with a green edge and the FISI the fish with a blue - each individual part is handmade in 20 different variations. On request the bowls or cups can also be provided with a signature.


This dinnerware is made in

Germany from hard Porcelain which is composed from kaolin, feldspar and quartz. Porzellini Blau is finished with a shiny glaze. The decoration has hand painted edges and is melted in the glazing. The appealing dinnerware meets all the wishes with the extent of his additional parts - from breakfast tray Giraffe to mug Finnland Fisch, from breakfast bowl Fisch to plate flat Schmetterling.

Hallmark  Reichenbach

Hallmark Reichenbach


Reichenbach looks back at

a tradition as a porcelain manufacture in which the painting on porcelain is in the foreground.
Already founded in 1830 as a decoration workshop followed later by the construction of own porcelain manufacture.
Till today the arts and crafts sets tone in Reichenbach.

Colourful decorations and valuable

precious metal plating made the good reputation over the frontiers in the past.

Today the Thuringian manufacture

has succeeded in introducing the competence of the traditional brand in the today's life style.
Designers like, among the rest, Paola Navone, Gerd Sommerlade and Metz und Kindler could be won, to

Reichenbach brand shop
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Blue Flou Bold Graphic 17 Colour Gold Colour Goldlinie Colour I Blau Colour I Flieder Colour I Gelb Colour I Grau Colour I Grün Colour I Türkis Colour I Violett Colour III Bernstein Colour III Königsblau Colour III Petrol Colour IV Grau Colour Silberrand Colour Sylt Blau Colour Sylt Flieder Colour Sylt Grau Colour Sylt Grün Colour Sylt Türkis Colour Sylt Violett Eggs Afro Fineline Fish & Flower Hombroich New Baroque Light Blue New Baroque Silver Shiny Nomus OTTO Ovalotto Palau Para Mi Porzellini Blau Porzellini Grün Spira gold Spira platin Spira schwarz Spira uni Spira weiss Stripes Taste Blaurand Taste Blue Taste Gold II Taste Gold III Taste Step Gold Taste Step Gold II Taste White Zugspitze


Colour Masaai Masaai matt Vera

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