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Sonja Quandt Art Nouveau cutlery

Sonja Quandt Baguette cutlery

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New severity is connected

with the style of "Avantgarde": The form follows the function. Purism with high aesthetic vesting.

also available in: silverplated
925 sterling
knife type:
hollow handle

A stylish appearance illuminates

the selected silver ware with glamour of its eponym.
The legacy of the cutlery models is undoubtedly precisely elaborated and completed lovingly with many

...Sonja Quandt brand shop
Made in Germany
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complete sets

complete sets in sterling

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  • dinner set 24 pcs Sonja Quandt Avantgarde in 925 sterling:
    •   6 dinner spoon
    •   6 dinner fork
    •   6 dinner knife hollow handle
    •   6 coffee spoon.
    3.966,00 €
    (tax free: 3.418,97€ )
  • dinner set 30 pcs Sonja Quandt Avantgarde in 925 sterling:
    •   6 dinner spoon
    •   6 dinner fork
    •   6 dinner knife hollow handle
    •   6 coffee spoon
    •   6 pastry fork.
    4.686,00 €
    (tax free: 4.039,66€ )
  • serving set 09 pcs Sonja Quandt Avantgarde in 925 sterling:
    •   1 bouillon / cream spoon
    •   2 serving fork
    •   1 vegetable serving spoon
    •   1 vegetable serving fork
    •   1 serving spoon
    •   1 sauce ladle
    •   1 pie server
    •   1 sugar spoon.
    2.840,00 €
    (tax free: 2.448,28€ )
  • childrens set 03 pcs  Avantgarde childrens set 03 pcs Sonja Quandt Avantgarde in 925 sterling:
    •   1 childrens fork
    •   1 childrens spoon
    •   1 childrens knife.
    374,00 €
    (tax free: 322,41€ )
single parts

single parts in sterling

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We continue working but the situation of the internal health protection as well as the situation of our manufacturers might delay your delivery. Thank yoou for understanding! with prepayment 5% discount!
Tax-Free delivery to all NON-EU countries.
All prices including 16% VAT and plus shipping!
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This cutlery is made out of

massive 925 real silver in Germany. Since pure silver is a quite soft material, Avantgarde includes 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. On base of massive silver ornaments and decors can be worked out precisely. The quality is guaranteed by the assaying of Germany and from Sonja Quandt.

Sonja Quandt Avantgarde has

knives with a hollow handle. Knives with a hollow handle have a blade of special steel which is clearly sharper than a blade from an simple chrome steel. The high-quality hollow handle knives are always composed from two parts, with this cutlery from the blade and the handle from sterling. Sonja Quandt Avantgarde in sterling is highly polished. The classical cutlery offers a big extent additional available individual parts: from flat serving spoon to mocha spoon, from bouillon cream spoon to vegetable serving spoon .

Hallmark Germany

Hallmark Germany

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