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Making-of shooting collection Essentiel by Porcelaines Raynaud
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  • Sérénité Platine
    150,00 €
    66,00 €
    104,00 €
    кофейная чашка с блюдцем
    49,00 €
  • Atlantide Or
    261,00 €
    90,00 €
    128,00 €
    кофейная чашечка "мокко" с блюдцем
    68,00 €
  • Douceurs
    десертная тарелка
    96,00 €
    Диск пирога
    143,00 €
    Диск пирога большой
    260,00 €
    Блюдо для торта круглое
    207,00 €
  • Mineral
    177,00 €
    51,00 €
    75,00 €
    Сaхарница anis
    47,00 €
  • Raynaud бренда Tolede Or Blanc
    1.725,00 €
    Кофейник Orientale
    2.020,00 €
    1.725,00 €
    641,00 €
  • Les Petits Parisiens
    Тарелка Mädchen
    71,00 €
    Тарелка Junge
    71,00 €
    десертная тарелка Montmartre
    52,00 €
    десертная тарелка Notre Dame
    52,00 €

Raynaud can look back at a

splendid history of 160 years. Today the designs of the American chef Thomas Keller, the designer Christian Tortu and the architect Alberto Pinto complements the irresistible collection of Raynaud.

Three generations who, since

the 19th century, have perpetuated with great talent the Limoges porcelain tradition. First Martial, who bought the Montjovis factory in 1919 and asserted his ambitions through multiple collections in classical shapes, with patterns strongly inspired from Art Nouveau and Art Déco. He also created the beautiful Czarinas' cups with motifs reminiscent of the Saint Petersburg palaces, but above all the amazing "pearls and enamels" borrowed from the Hungarian tradition. Then André took over from his father in 1952, and brought the company the richness of his personality's multiple facets. The industrial innovations of this heir to time-honored craftsmanship allowed him to produce bold, modern collections, in square shapes, still displayed today in various museums, including the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris.

He also reproduced the so-called

"Compagnie des Indes" patterns on celadon or ivory porcelain, and the works of world-famous painters such as Dali, Cocteau, Arman or Raymond Loewy... In 1992, Bertrand becomes, with the support of the famous French goldsmith Ercuis, CEO of the company. His creative vision is more centered on new lifestyles and gastronomy. He designs, with celebrated American chef Thomas Keller, an avant-guardist collection of containers. He enjoys partnering with prominent decorators such as Christian Tortu or Alberto Pinto, who imagine strong, timeless decorative patterns for the brand.
Raynaud is today renowned for its very unique porcelain, perceived as a world-famous reference.

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Allee Du Roy Argent Polka Or Atlantide Atlantide Or Atlantide Platine Atlantide Sable Attraction Or Et Platine Attraction Rose Attraction Turquoise Cristobal Marine Douceurs Fiesta Fontainebleau Or Fontainebleau Platine Histoire Naturelle Hommage Hommage Caviar Hommage Checks Hommage Makassar Hommage Silver Jardin d'Hiver Les Petits Parisiens Lunes Lunes Eclipse Marquises Et Mandarins Menton Mineral Minéral Irisé Sky blue Minéral Irisé Warm Grey Mineral Or Mineral Platine Mineral Sablé Monceau Bleu Outremer Monceau Noir d'encre Monceau Or Monceau Orange Abricot Monceau Platine Monceau Rouge Vermillon Oskar Paradis Princesse Alice Princesse Astrid Princesse Caroline Princesse Diane Salamanque Or Blanc Salamanque Platine Blanc Sérénité Or Sérénité Platine Shéhérazade Tolede Or Blanc Tolede Platine Blanc Trésor Trésor bleu Tropic Bleu Tropic Rose Tropic Vert Uni Verdures Villandry Legumes Villandry Vert

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