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Sieger by Fürstenberg LogoSieger by Fürstenberg - For individuals who can strike a new path.

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Sieger by Fürstenberg
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  • My China! Black Rush
    кофейная чашечка "мокко" с блюдцем
    237,00 €
    кофейная чашечка "мокко" с блюдцем
    237,00 €
  • The Body
    Ваза gold
    5.711,00 €
    2.158,00 €
  • Liebestrank
    174,00 €
    199,00 €
  • Faces
    Ведерко для шампанского gold
    1.264,00 €
    Ведерко для шампанского white
    549,00 €
    Ведерко для шампанского platin
    1.264,00 €

Brought to life with fine

intuition and passionate dedication, the brand’s modern yet timeless design is more than just an integral component of the product, it’s a promise to provide top quality. A highly detailed design requires nothing less than superior manufacturing techniques. Since 2005, the long-standing porcelain manufacturer FÜRSTENBERG creates unique, handmade porcelain objects, designed by Sieger. There is simply no machinery that is able to match the quality of hand craftsmanship. And only in this line of trade do you find individuals who can strike a new path, always with a clear understanding of quality standards.

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Desire Faces Liebestrank Nile & Co Sip of Gold


Objects to a Muse Secret Seduction The Body
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