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gobelets with a certain extra. In addition to his wide range of dinnerware Guy Degrenne lets produce a whole series of functional glass series in Europe for his comprehensive table concept .

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For over a half century the

company devotes itself beside the production of cutleries to the concept of the complete dining culture, and the glasses are designed for the different table sceneries. The glasses are primarily functionally coordinated to the regarding drinks and well-balanced in shape and size. And as with Porcelain of Guy Degrenne colours also play a role: the glass collections like Mambo and Allegro are offered a often changed colour palette which are matching to the fashionable colours of the season: uncomplicated blur of colour for everyday life. Aside of the colourful collections of tumblers the stemware Galatee and Muse are modulated in various dimensions to the different wines and drinks. In the choice you find solid glasses from European production in a good functionality. And you recognize at first glance that the design is from Guy Degrenne.

Guy Degrenne

French dining culture for

all the world . Modern and inventive, uncomplicated and always with a special kick - since the foundation in 1948 Guy Degrenne had the aim to revolutionise the dining culture in France.

Guy Degrenne, coming from a smith's

family, took over his family business in the Normandy after the Second World War and founded from it his own new enterprise. During the lean postwar years he began to build up a production for cutleries with the few available possibilities and used the material which was still available: the first cutleries were produced of the steel of the tanks which were left in Normandy. Guy Degrenne could hire seven workers and the production started in 1948. A little later the first cutlery called 'Normandie' was sold . Though the founder wasn't a good student at school, he compensated this lack by the ambition that his name should be spread in the French dining culture. And this he has managed with his company. In 1960 he left his original location in Manche and founded a production plant of already 35,000 m² in Vire in the Calvados, the place where the enterprise is still located. 39 years after foundation of the company Mr. Degrenne withdrawed from the company and the enterprise was taken over by a holding company. Today the enterprise from France processes approx. 2000 t of stainless steel for more than 4000 different products from his catalogue. Guy Degrenne became the biggest of the European cutlery manufacturers and holds worldwide the rank two.
In the course of the history the assortment of the enterprise has expanded wide after his beginnings. For over 25 years Guy Degrenne command two own Porcelain factories which are producing the innovative and uncomplicated dinnerware of the brand. In these factories kaolin, feldspar and quartz is processed to innovative porcelain. The most striking example of Guy Degrenne china-ware is the series Modulo Blanc which is changing constantly and is extended and offered with new colours of the season. Round or angular, flat or deep, matte or brilliant and in many topical colours these uncomplicated dinnerware is subjected to a perpetual  change. The programme of the French table culture is rounded with a whole series of glass collections which are produced for the company. Inventiveness and coloured glasses, the highest mechanical strength and modern design, as for example with the glass series muse, recommend these glasses for the everyday use in your own house just as for the professional demands at hotels and restaurants.
The workmanship of stainless steel still is topic of the enterprise Guy Degrenne, with cutleries, items for buffet or oenology. The cutleries enclose two stylistic groups, the traditional French pattern and the unmistakeable modern line which very well can be combined with the modern dinnerware made by Guy Degrenne. The cutleries like Lutece, Beau Manoir or Verlaine - to name only some - are based on the traditional French cutleries and are characterized by luxuriant dimensions which enable them to the high dining culture. Popular by their robustness and longevity, these are in France and Belgium often to be found in the gastronomy. A whole series of modern cutleries in modern design are attest the untiring change and renewal of the range. No season passes in which not again a new decoration or a new collection is introduced by Guy Degrenne. For the exalted equipment of hotel and restaurants the trays, platters, wine coolers and pots of the brand from Normandy are recommended. French products in the best stainless steel quality, and always with the certain extra. Like with all products of Guy Degrenne from Vire: respectable and long-lasting, imaginatively and innovatively.

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