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Airy as a slightly curled

water surface in the emblematic colors of Moser from Bohemia, the drinking glass is made for summer drinks in an elegant atmosphere. The mouth-blown glasses receive a flowing structure through subtle optic technology, which splits the incident light into soft lines. Everyone finds in Wave its unmistakable.

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The functional, romantic

glassware meets all the wishes with the extent of his additional parts - from highball glass eldor 400 ml to drinking glass 330 ml, from drinking glass 330 ml to highball glass topaz 400 ml.


Crystal glass from Moser Crystal

is Czech cultural heritage, which stands with both legs in today's life.
Glasses from Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) are the national pride of the Czech Republic and unrivaled in design and quality: Moser unites under its roof the best masters of their trade.

Founded by Ludwig Moser in 1857,

Moser Crystal manufactures the finest glasses and refines them in just about every conceivable way. The glasses are sanded and engraved, embossed or gilded. Step by step, Czech glassmaking manufactures produce the works of glass, which may later adorn the most cultivated tables.

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