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Pott LogoPott 81 cutlery in sterling

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Hermann Gretsch has put together

the essential functional characteristics of cutlery.

Consistently oriented towards

functionality, the Model 81 was created during the founding year of the Federal Republic of Germany and still has formal validity. Traditional proportions are abstracted as much as possible with a focus on haptics. In its aesthetic stringency, the pattern is not only a groundbreaking example of the New Sachlichkeit but also a statement of functional aesthetics.

phase-out model
phase-out model
925/ººº sterling

Reduced to fundamentals: There

are things, they are designed from the outset so well that they never again must be changed. And cutleries of Carl Hugo Pott absolutely belong to them. ...Pott brand shop

design: Hermann Gretsch 1949
Made in Germany
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complete sets

complete sets in sterling

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  • mocha spoons set 6 pcs Pott 81 in 925 /ººº sterling:
    •   6 mocha spoon.
    888,00 €

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This cutlery is made out of

massive 925/ººº real silver in Germany. Since pure silver is a quite soft material, 81 includes 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. On base of massive silver ornaments and decors can be worked out precisely. The quality is guaranteed by the assaying of Germany and from Pott.

Pott 81 has knives with a .

Pott 81 in sterling is matte. The timeless cutlery has only some additional partsand is only deliverable in sets.

Hallmark Germany

Hallmark Germany

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