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Sambonet LogoSambonet Flat Vintage cutlery in PVD Gold

Sambonet Filet Toiras cutlery

Sambonet H-Art cutlery

The entire collection of Sambonet Flat Vintage

Sambonet brand shop
18/10 PVD Gold
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18/10 stainless

Elegant Italian lines and

big gestures shape the picture of Sambonet. For over 150 years the North-Italian enterprise delivers cutleries and hollowware already even for the dukes and princes of

...Sambonet brand shop
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complete sets

complete sets in PVD Gold

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  • table set 24 pcs monobloc Sambonet Flat Vintage Sambonet Flat Vintage in 18 /10 PVD Gold:
    •   6 table spoon
    •   6 table fork
    •   6 table knife monobloc
    •   6 coffee spoon.
    435,60 €
    (tax free: 366,05€ )
  • table set 72 pcs monobloc Sambonet Flat Vintage Sambonet Flat Vintage in 18 /10 PVD Gold:
    • 12 table spoon
    • 12 table fork
    • 12 table knife monobloc
    • 12 dessert fork
    • 12 dessert knife monobloc
    • 12 coffee spoon.
    1.368,00 €
    (tax free: 1.149,58€ )
single parts

single parts in PVD Gold

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  • mocha spoon  Flat Vintage mocha spoon Sambonet Flat Vintage in 18 /10 PVD Gold
    11,50 €
    (tax free: 9,66€ )
  • pastry fork Sambonet Flat Vintage pastry fork Flat Vintage
    13,50 €
    (tax free: 11,34€ )
  • fish fork Sambonet Flat Vintage fish fork Sambonet Flat Vintage in 18 /10 PVD Gold
    18,90 €
    (tax free: 15,88€ )
  • fish knife Sambonet Flat Vintage fish knife Flat Vintage
    18,90 €
    (tax free: 15,88€ )
  • vegetable serving fork Sambonet Flat Vintage vegetable serving fork  Sambonet Flat Vintage in 18 /10 PVD Gold
    29,90 €
    (tax free: 25,13€ )
  • serving spoon Sambonet Flat Vintage serving spoon Flat Vintage
    29,90 €
    (tax free: 25,13€ )
We continue working but the situation of the internal health protection as well as the situation of our manufacturers might delay your delivery. Thank yoou for understanding! with prepayment 5% discount!
Tax-Free delivery to all NON-EU countries.
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This cutlery is produced of

high-grade steel and afterwards is vaporized with the golden surface (PVD Gold). The layer which is achieved with PVP (physical vapour deposition) is extremely thin, but very resistant.

Sambonet Flat Vintage has knives

with a monobloc. Monobloc knives are made out of one piece of chrome steel free of nickel. With these knives no joint is visible between blade and handle. Sambonet Flat Vintage in PVD Gold . The budget-priced, appealing cutlery offers the mostly required supplement parts: from serving spoon to mocha spoon, from fish fork to vegetable serving fork .

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