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The history of Christofle

begins in the 19th century of the galvanic silver plating of table accessories. In this first period of bloom originated extensive groups of big figurines, there is to be named a group of 4000 figurines ordered by Napoleon the third and a group of larger-than-life figurines, decorating the facade of the Paris opera Opéra Garnier . However, table accessories of silver were also delivered for the equipment of the Hôtel Crillon in Paris for his inauguration in 1908.

  • Albi This pattern takes its name from the town of Albi, which is situated between Bordeaux and Toulouse. Here we find the famous fortified cathedral of Albi. The pure straight lines of the nave inspired this pattern. This is a pattern which defies time and changing fashions. It will enhance the quality...
  • Christofle Anémone - Belle Époque
  • Fidélio Ingenious simplicity and sensuousness distinguishes the table silver collection Fidelio of Christofle. The clear contour of the collection of hollowware and cutlery named after Beethoven's opera accompanied by the round and tender form is enriched by the fine lines.
  • Christofle Jardin d'Eden
  • K+T K+T stands for the initial letters of star cook Thomas Keller and interior designer Adam D. Tihany. The designs appear not only in an elegant design, but also pass every practise test. The table silver bear even the high demands of a gourmet's restaurant. The traditional company of Christofle with...
  • Christofle Malmaison Malmaison Castle, near Paris, was the favourite place of sejour of Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine.
    The stylized palm-leaf is a typical decorative ornament of Napoleonic France. The Emperor had his silversmiths interpret this design specifically as a symbol of 'future military victories',...
  • Oh de Christofle Perfect workmanship and outstanding design are the hallmarks of the cocktail collection. Ice containers, fruit bowls and many accessories for bar and oenology are composed of cylinders,porthole like, accented by maritime circles. The new stainless steel segment in Christofle's universe is positioned...
  • In the Silver Time collection Jean-Marie Massaud interprets the brunch in his own way, modern, fresh and with high design quality. The pieces of the SilverTime collection combine Christofle Silber with two other materials that reflect the modernity and implicitness of the collection: borosilicate...
  • Vertigo

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The hollowware, also called

tableware, is in the focus of the brand Christofle until the Second World War. Beside the table accessories of silver - like wine coolers, platters and centerpieces, artistic objects are in the foreground during the company history of Christofle over and over again. This guideline has kept till this day. In our choice of tableware of Christofle you find in very first line hollowware for the table - bowls and platters, everything around the Oenologie - the art to serve the wine- as well as candelabras and candlesticks.
In addition, the Paris luxury brand presents limited editions of art objects over and over again. But also smaller objects are combined with famous artists. Andrée Putman designed the series Vertigo in which you find a big number of trays and bowls, candlesticks and wine coolers. On this site you find the whole extensive range of the decor Vertigo.

The decor Malmaison, also one

of the prominent cutleries of Christofle, is introduced as a tableware in a very extensive collection. Here beside the numerous plates, platters and bowls you find coffeepots and teapots of silver, as well as a number of tureens. This decoration distinguishes itself by the running around rim with palm leaves which reminds of the Napoleonic victories. In opposite to the cutleries on the exposed objects are found the motive of the eagle which points to the emblem of the second empire under Napoleon III. The decoration of the model adorns not only the small objects like photo frame and Vide-Poches, representative objects are also decorated luxuriously with this decoration like the 9-armed candlestick.
To his history refers Christofle with the model Transatlantique which provided itself leant near the table accessories, the Christofle in 1935 to the maiden voyage of the cruise ship Normandy. The extremely successful cutlery Jardin d'Eden from Marcel Wanders is also complemented with a collection of bowls, place plates, photo frames and cake-stands.
This decoration is delivered not only in silver plated, but is made on demand also with a luxurious partial gilding. Jardin d'Eden is also completely gilded - vermeil available.
The decoration of the anemone is adopted by the series Christofle Anémone - Barking Époque. This decoration originated in support of the design of Emile Gallé, which was sketched in 1902 for the Champagne house Perrier-Jouet. This playful decoration encloses consistently, primarily, article for wine and champagne, supplemental by some trays and bowls.
The series K+T entwines itself also round the subject Oenologie – created in cooperation with star cook Thomas Keller and Adam D. Tihany.

Completely in the objective style

which we know from other works under the consultation of Thomas Keller these objects are elegant and functional. Without any decoration comes the series Albi, a name which we already know from the cutleries of Christofle. The basic forms the series Albi divides in the essentials with the famous Malmaison, nevertheless, renounces any decoration. In this decoration you recognize the whole range by table accessoires which covers for a table at home, but also in the professional needs.
In our small trip through the tableware of Christofle you note that Christofle remains true to itself and follows up what began 180 years ago: tableware for the everyday use and exclusive objects of the highest artistic claim.


Silver of Christofle connects

like no other luxury and spirit of the times. The flatware, hollowware and pieces of art are created on the basis of unconditional will to the renewal under observance of the highest quality. Coherent the name of Christofle all over the world is a synonym for French luxury. Besteckliste selected the various silverware, flatware and gifts from this luxury brand for you. Dive with us one in quite unique universe of this luxury brand.

The history of Christofle Paris

begins in 1830 with the introduction of then absolutely innovative technology in the production of silver plated products. The founder Charles Christofle acquired different patents to the silver plating of metal and with it built up the fame of the company. Further on silver plated flatware in France is called 'Christofle silver'. The founder was awarded by Napoleon to the third in 1855 with the title of the purveyor to the court, after a little while he was decorated as K.u. K. purveyor to the court of the Austrian emperor. After his death the unstoppable raise of the Parisian brand continued. In his history the brand of Paris has realized outstanding art-objects for worldwide prominent personalities and projects.
The equipment of the Hotel Ritz and the Orient-Express train from Paris to Istanbul with hollowware laid in the hands of this French manufacturer. Together with famous designers Christofle developed the objects which are to be found today in the various big art museums of the world. In the nineteen fifties the company Cardeilhac could be taken over.

In Christofles range you find

some of the still absolutely topical designs which are based on the designs of the Maison Cardeilhac even today. In the topical assortment you find designers like Andrée Putman, Marcel Wanders and Gio Ponti to name only some. To emphasize particularly is the recently resulted flatware Jardin d'Eden from Marcel Wanders. This originally as a cutlery design visualizes the joys and innocence of the garden Eden on the entire surface of the flatware - including the knife blades - with a fine engraving. In the beginning made in silver plated, this design is also manufactured in sterling as well. On account of the great success the subject was continued on a big assortment of tableware, plates, trays and centerpieces. As usual with this manufacturer, we experience a constant change and a constant enlargement of the assortment, so that we may be curious on the next objects from the flatware-series of Jardin d'Eden.
Completely new ideas the Paris brand realizes since 2012: high-quality trays, bowls and wine coolers from designer hand from stainless steel complement the range: Oh de Christofle, a series dedicated to the subject bar and cocktail. Besteckliste of course offers primarily the flatware of Christofle. The design of this flatware reaches from the classical flatwares like Malmaison from the Napoleonic era, the models Marly, Cluny and Perles up to the quite modern cutleries like Jardin d'Eden from Marcel Wanders.

Christofle is mainly represented

in the range of the silver plated cutleries, this is owed of course in primarily to the history of the brand. Beside these cutleries the luxury brand from Paris produces a small selected range of cutleries of sterling silver.
To emphasise particularly is the model Renaissance, made 100% of handcrafted. Every single piece of this outstanding cutlery is worked out bit by bit in pure manual labour. The cutleries in silver plated, as well as the cutlery in sterling silver are available custom-made with a golden decoration or with a entire gold plating. On these pages we offer only one small choice to this custom-made products, however, many are available with us. Please ask for it. Beside the flatware in silver and in sterling silver the French manufacturer delivers a small but elegant choice of flatware in stainless steel. The modern and contemporary draughts are dominating with the steel cutleries. Besides you find well-known traditional cutleries in excellent elaboration - like the design of Albi 2 and Hudson, which are based on traditional designs - in the steel flatware range of Christofle. In these cutleries the pattern Elementaire - characterized by the vertically standing knife - is to be emphasized. This cutlery in an excellent material thickness - by which it lies very well in the hand - develops its charm then when you place your table in the French way: the fork and the spoon with the prongs and bowls down and the knife with the edge of the blade to the table cloth. See there: Now it turns out a harmonious picture in which all ends of the handles show a soft curve down.



Silvered objects do not differ optically from massively silver ones. The silver plating is a galvanised surface which is applied on a core from base material like steel, alpaca (German silver) or bronze. Steel is used especially for cutlery from great serial productions which can be produced cost-efficient. We find bronze particularly with candelabras and hollowware, while German silver with high-quality silver plated cutlery. Alpaca is an alloy of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and zinc (Zn) and with his qualities similar to pure silver (Ag). Luxurious decors can be exact executed with this base material. The surface is galvanised with silver which quality is given in gramme per 12 table forks and table spoons - which are accepted with 24 dm². Then there occur names as 90, 100, 150, 180, with or without other additions. This designation mainly is use in Germany, objects of other origin have another - or none - name of the silver layer.

Hallmark Silverplated Christofle

Hallmark Silverplated Christofle

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