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Hollowware of silver from

the Bremen manufacture has a long tradition: When the silver manufacture began in 1810, hollowware and table accessories, table silver were made for the rich Hanseatic town Bremen and were delivered to the than far away Hanover and Hamburg. The production of cutleries started later on in the history by Wilkens & sons.

  • Ambassador
  • Rococo elegance. Thomas Chippendale, cabinetmaker by trade, had a formative influence on the style of the English rococo of the 18th century. Just like his furniture, the cutlery that bears his name is both graceful and vibrant. With its gentle contours and characteristically bold profile this...
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  • Wilkens & Söhne Facette
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  • Wilkens & Söhne San Marco
  • Silhouette
  • At first sight, it hardly seems possible that this design dates from the first third of the 19th century: Spaten. Its bold silhouette and clear, smooth surfaces have delighted lovers of silver tableware for more than six generations.

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The workmanship of the trays

and plates, the bowls and candelabras of silver is equally to that of the silver cutlery of this manufacturer. Today the assortment mostly encloses supplement parts to the series which are also available as a silver cutlery like under plates and napkin rings. In addition the Bremen brand produces a wide range of beakers and trays, some caviar sets and champagne goblets which fit to the cutleries of silver. In the range of decorative objects we find cake stands and candlesticks, bowls and champagne coolers. The silver and hollowware abstain from stylish conspicuities and let shine the material in excellent workmanship. Like the cutleries of course all parts can be decorated in the manufacture with an engraving as they are suited just on the beakers as a natal - or baptismal present also. Nearly all parts of the hollowware and the decorative objects are available silver plated, many also in sterling silver 925 - or alternatively in stainless steel. At last with the decoration objects we like to show the silver plated photo frames, which are available in different designs and various dimensions. Without dominating your ambience the hollowware from the silver manufacture Wilkens & sons – whether silver plated or in sterling silver 925 – is an elegant accessory.

Wilkens & Söhne

Silver and cutleries from

Bremen of the silver manufacture Wilkens can be very nicely combined with a less luxurious life style as well. The handy cutleries and silver items are still suitable not only for the everyday use, but also for representative purposes. in 2010 The brand Wilkens & Söhne celebrated his 200th anniversary. With it this company is the oldest one of the silver manufactures in Germany still producing today.

Founded by the goldsmith Martin

Heinrich Wilkens in 1810, the company was originally a embossing institution for silver. Hollowware from silver was made for the Hanseatic town Bremen and for the kingdom of Hannover. From the middle of the 19th century Wilkens began with the production of silver cutleries. The patterns at that time were orientated at the time taste at that time. In the pattern books at that time we recognise beside the cutleries a rich choice by silver- and tableware. These products were delivered from the middle of the 19th century in the German cities.

In the second half of the 20th

century the production of cutleries dominates the company Wilkens & Sons. Besides the production of cutleries of silver the technical competence was used to produce also cutleries of other materials, as for example stainless steel or even titanium. The company Wilkens has succeeded in offering contemporary collections in high-quality workmanship together with famous designers. Beside Wolf Karnagel particularly the married couple Ulla and Martin Kaufmann and the designer Walter Storr are decisively for the modern line of the cutleries of Wilkens. Not only in sterling silver and in silver plated, but also in high-grade steel these cutleries fast became a success.

Particularly in the line of the

stainless steel cutleries these designers play an outstanding role. An unpretentious handiness is too own to the cutleries in combination with a reserved elegance. To all at the head of the exceptionally successful draught to the cutlery Palladio. This is available not only successfully as a cutlery from stainless steel, but also in silver and sterling silver. In addition, with the silver cutleries the cutleries of traditional style are dominating. The historical cutleries Venezia and the Eremitage are to be emphasised particularly here. The latter the limited jubilee cutlery from 2010 on the occasion of the 140-year-old existence of Wilkens, Venezia from 2011. Both models are replica which are produced on the old tools of the treasure of the company Wilkens & sons. Both patterns show an opulence otherwise rather atypical for the brand. But exactly so rise from the remaining program of the silver cutleries of Wilkens.

The company Wilkens is able to

access on a big treasure of tools. Many models which were sold during former years are thereby still available. These cutleries are to be found in the category 'Collectors edition'. In the range of silver cutleries we find the typical models like Chippendale, Augsburger Faden and Spaten, however, besides also one of the most popular silver cutleries of Wilkens: the Schwedisch Faden (Swedish thread). This model is in his workmanship outstanding under the traditional cutleries of Wilkens: This cutlery unites, nevertheless, everything what is the hallmark of Wilkens cutleries: Handiness and a pleasant haptics, a big variety in individual parts and a reserved elegance. With these qualities the model Schwedisch Faden has become the most prominent cutlery model of Wilkens. This cutlery is available in sterling silver as well as a high-quality cutlery in silver edition. The hollowware of Wilkens encloses a large range of plates and trays, as well as an assortment of gobelets. Particularly the gobelets are suited very well as an object which can be provided with an engraving. How, by the way, all products can be delivered by Wilkens with an engraving.

Made, by the way, still where

the company since the 19th century his is seated: in Bremen. - And the production of silver is that what controls Wilkens since now more than 200 years best of all.



Silvered objects do not differ optically from massively silver ones. The silver plating is a galvanised surface which is applied on a core from base material like steel, alpaca (German silver) or bronze. Steel is used especially for cutlery from great serial productions which can be produced cost-efficient. We find bronze particularly with candelabras and hollowware, while German silver with high-quality silver plated cutlery. Alpaca is an alloy of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and zinc (Zn) and with his qualities similar to pure silver (Ag). Luxurious decors can be exact executed with this base material. The surface is galvanised with silver which quality is given in gramme per 12 table forks and table spoons - which are accepted with 24 dm². Then there occur names as 90, 100, 150, 180, with or without other additions. This designation mainly is use in Germany, objects of other origin have another - or none - name of the silver layer.

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