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  • Colour I Grün
    bowl 6 cm
    25,46 €
    saucer 15 cm
    21,84 €
    pepper shaker
    28,31 €
    salt shaker
    28,31 €
  • Colour Silberrand
    31,73 €
    dessert plate w/ rim
    38,48 €
    plate 20 cm
    32,87 €
    mocha cup w/ saucer
    49,21 €
  • Colour Sylt Violett
    bowl 6 cm
    22,61 €
    small Bowl EGG'S
    22,61 €
    bowl small
    23,18 €
    pepper shaker
    26,03 €
  • Colour III Bordeaux
    platter 28 cm
    123,31 €
    platter 35 cm
    146,97 €
    soup plate coupe
    88,26 €
    plate 17 cm
    66,79 €

Colourful decorations and

valuable precious metal plating made the good reputation over the frontiers in the past.

Today the Thuringian manufacture

has succeeded in introducing the competence of the traditional brand in the today's life style.
Designers like, among the rest, Paola Navone, Gerd Sommerlade and Metz und Kindler could be won, to connect the tradition with modern claims to quite incredible, fresh and self confident design.

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Colour KoiKoi 2022 Masaai Masaai matt Vera

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