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Vases of Reichenbach are absolute

eye-cachers: not because these would be designed so striking, but just because they are designed unostentatious  and with well-balanced proportions.

  • Reichenbach Colour Grand lid vases in two color combinations have been designed by Gerd Sommerlade for the manufactory, which as a solitaire as well as a couple are a magnificent eye-catcher.
    Each of the individual rings was applied separately with the brush and baked in the glaze successively in various steps. Gold...
  • Reichenbach KoiKoi The fish inspires freedom and sympathy. It brings luck and prosperity in many traditions of the world. It is an icon that belongs to Paola Navone's creative univers. Four fabulous Koi fishes with golden reflections become a sculpture-vase, that tells the extraordinary Reichenbach tradition in the...
  • Reichenbach Masaai The right vase for every bouquet, as decoration bowls for fruit or floating flowers.
    With a great sense for the needs of the cut flowers, these vases have arisen which takes into account the space requirement and the possibilities for the development of the different types of bouquets. The same...
  • Reichenbach Masaai matt The small collection with organic shapes has a matte surface as if powdered and the right vase for every bouquet of flowers.
    Whether narrow and tall for a single long-stemmed rose or narrow but wide for an arm full of tulips, the flowers do not have to adapt to the vessel, the vases are already...
  • Reichenbach Vera An archetype of a vase, which celebrated a renaissance in the 1930s redesigned by Alfred Heidelberger. The seven different sizes were rediscovered in the shape pool of the factory. From the smallest for forget-me-nots - also suitable as a vessel for scented oils - to the truly stately floor vase,...

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The fact that undecorated

vases in a simple form catch the attention is quite unusual. But this brand gaines this. To both series of white vases, Masaai and Vera which we would like to introduce to you, are both white which are a reserved elegant decoration object no matter whether they contain flowers or not. The vases are available in very different dimensions, so that for all sorts of flowers the right vase can be found. Whether large and narrow or small and wide, whether a small vase for pansy or a high vase for a bird-of-pardise, the vases are the right frame for your cut flowers.

Some time ago we had the opportunity

to stroll around in the form fund of the company from Thuringia and discovered the floor vase Vera in with which we have fallen in love right away. This vase has a proud 55-cm height is in her quite classical, harmonious creation and an excellent price the absolute star from the Reichenbach vases, and weare glad that this is produced now again. Thank you! Just with big objects we are glad over and over again about the unobstrusive presence.

Exceptions under the vases are

the big decorated lid vases of Colour, formed by Gerd Sommerlade, who also did for the brand the enchanting very variable tableware series Colour in which you are able to find more vases of this company. For us as lovers of decent shapes, which underlines the material Porcelain, the Reichenbach vases are a discovery.


Reichenbach looks back at

a tradition as a Porcelain manufacture in which the painting on porcelain is in the foreground.
Already founded in 1830 as a decoration workshop followed later by the construction of own porcelain manufacture.
Till today the arts and crafts sets tone in Reichenbach.

Colourful decorations and valuable

precious metal plating made the good reputation over the frontiers in the past.

Today the Thuringian manufacture

has succeeded in introducing the competence of the traditional brand in the today's life style.
Designers like, among the rest, Paola Navone, Gerd Sommerlade and Metz und Kindler could be won, to connect the tradition with modern claims to quite incredible, fresh and self confident design.

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