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Porcelain figures from Gräfenthal

are not only well known to collectors and lovers. Founded in 1846 in the small Thuringian village this porcelain manufacture - like many other Thuringian porcelain factories – is dedicated to the decorative  and figurative porcelain.

  • Birds bemalt Naturalistic with almost all registers of porcelain painting: porcelain figures with a colorful painted glaze are designed according to their living models. The glittering under-glaze is painted with some accents as the top-glazing. With these decorative objects tradition from Gräfenthal finds a...
  • Birds Bisquit A detailed feather dress, dynamic shape and seemingly always in motion: the birds of Gräfenthal are not for nothing the most popular porcelain figures. Silky white the bisquite porcelain shimmers and gives each one a delicate liveliness. Different characters meet in the porcelain collection, from...
  • Gräfenthal by Reichenbach Birds Bisquit Schwarz Idiosyncratic black as a contrast to Birds bisquit, the surface is as unusual as decorative. The otherwise rather cute bird figures in their dull black robe create a completely different effect: especially in front of a bright background, they unfold their abstract seeming appearance far from all...
  • Birds Poliergold
  • Birds Poliersilber Aetheric ease is insinuated by the melted silver on the porcelain figurines of the decorative accessories. The almost lively figures, which are also painted, are made of polished gold or black, without any decoration as Birds bisquit. However, polished silver gives the ornament porcelain a...
  • Gräfenthal by Reichenbach Birds Poliersilber Weiss White porcelain shards combined with pure silver: the purism of the two materials corresponds to the silvery white color of the residential decoration and the ethereal subject: with flapping ease, the porcelain figures conjure up the grace of bird life.
  • Birds Schwarz Weiss Black & White - orginality characterizes the porcelain figures in this variation of Gerd Sommerlade. Biscuit porcelain half covered with a matt black glaze: the contrast to the fine details of the figures could hardly be bigger. The traditional figures of Gräfenthals pool become modern decoration...
  • The Christmas story tells the story of porcelain figures: the crib figurines from Gräfenthal are relatively young: it was only in the often maligned fifties that the figures were born, which, despite their awe-inspiring charm and a German manufactory have been afordable with a small budget. When...
  • Gräfenthal by Reichenbach Dogs Bisquit
  • Dogs Poliergold The expressively shaped, elegantly decorated porcelain dogs of Gräfenthal are a re-design of Gerd Sommerlade. The tension between a traditional porcelain figure and an abstract gold decoration is playfully overcome with the great expressiveness of the decorative living accessories and contributes...
  • Dogs Poliersilber Metal luster gives the silver dogs a cool look. Traditional porcelain figures have a layer of silver melted over them, thick enough to be polished. Real polishing silver, which in the course of time has a noble patina, which can be left or removed according to taste. In any case, the dog figurines...
  • Gräfenthal by Reichenbach Dogs schwarz Characterful four-legged friends - decorated with a modern black finish, which reduces the shape to a shadow rift at first sight. Raven black finish accentuates the silhouette without concealing the structure, refined abstracted for modern ambience.
  • Forest Bisquit All kinds of animals, which have been formerly found painted on colorful bourgeois buffets: reduced to the structure without glaze or color, it begins its second career in a completely new aesthetic. Traditional expression and a modern silky matt finish give the little figurines a very special...
  • Spring Bisquit Charming crib figurines of porcelain with all their details herald the spring. The thin-skinned wings of the butterflies and the naturalistic fur of the hare charms puristically without any further refinement or glaze. Decorating objects with an insight into the treasures of the Thuringian porcelain...
  • Gräfenthal by Reichenbach Spring Federzeichnung
  • Spring Poliergold Appeal in polished gold is served with a wink. Little porcelain figures, deprived of their original paint, Gerd Sommerlade lets them dive in gold and gives them a completely new charm.
    Even abstraction can not conceal its original essence; on the contrary, the view is directed to the basic idea:...
  • Spring Poliersilber The lightness of spring corresponds with the grace of silvery refinement. Real silver, melted on the glaze and finely polished, gives the collection a slightly floating character. Whether butterflies or Easter pendants, the little decoration objects are not hidden the rest of the year.
  • Gräfenthal by Reichenbach Spring Schwarz
  • TwentyTwentyone

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In the period of bloom of

the Porcelain at the middle of the 19th century in Thuringia were more than 400 porcelain manufactures. In opposite to the big principalities as for example Sachsen, the reason for these foundations of porcelain manufactures were in Thuringia was the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders, Thuringia was split in many small dukedoms at that time. While Johann Friedrich Böttger invented the porcelain in Saxony for the King Augustus II the Strong, the manufacturer Georg Heinrich Macheleid invented the porcelain in 1760 for Thuringia. And the production of glass and porcelain products is in the region at the foot of the Rennsteig, a big tradition. And only the delicacy of the sculptural and picturesque elaboration of the figurines of Gräfenthal is the reason that this art have outlasted decades and centuries since foundation of the 'porcelain factory' and still today are sought-after pieces.

And you will realise that the

porcelain figures are veritable small statues, small pieces of art. Decorated with the colours of the porcelain painters which add the natural appearance to the figurines. In the centre of our choice of Gräfenthal by Reichenbach figurines are the figures of animals: Birds, dogs and animals from field and wood. And of course the hares and lambs should not be missed for Easter and also, at Christmas the angels or crib figurines. Since the porcelain manufacture form the east of Thuringia continues the brand Gräfenthal Porcelain, unusual and modern decors on the statuettes of this manufacture had been created in cooperation with porcelain designer Gerd Sommerlade. Beside the classically coloured and decorated animal figures: figurines with a pure gold or silver cover, or simply in unglazed bisquit porcelain. A stag beetle also may be golden, a hare even black or silver. Quite a special object is the ensemble PEACE which originated on the statuettes of soldiers!

All these new creations – relaunches

- are penned by Gerd Sommerlade who created the series Colour for Reichenbach Porzellan. Gräfenthal Porzellan encloses a fund of figurine of more than 10,000 single items, from human and animal. Unfortunately, on these pages we are not able to show the whole extent of the creativity of this brand. Since again and again there is something new to discover: vividly and in the highest quality of form and painting.

Gräfenthal by Reichenbach

Quite a special liveliness

and a fine painting characterize the figurines of Gräfenthal by Reichenbach.

Founded more than 160 years ago

in Gräfenthal, a small town at the foot of the 'Rennsteig' in the Thüringischen Schiefergebirge(Thuringian Slate Mountain Range ), the company arised from small house paintings and was soon specialized in figurines of Porcelain. Thuringia was split in many dukedoms and at the middle of the year century several such 'factories' were originated, which devoted themselves to small, but very high-quality objects. These got by with little material and transport expenditure, required however a high level of craftsmanship and big expenditure of human labor . Thuringia of the 19th century was a perfect matrix for the production of luxurious porcelain figurines. And Gräfenthal is one of few names which have outlasted till nowadays.

The figurines which we introduce

on these pages are mainly recreation of Gerd Sommerlade which allow to shine on the old figure forms new colors and surfaces which lend a new character to the figurines. Now the traditional figurines are wearing an outfit of gold or polished silver or are decorated with a pen-and-ink drawing - which maybe they did not have originally at all. Besides Besteckliste shows a whole series of traditional figurines which are still produced as they were created originally: with a bright coloured painting, well elaborated and a big richness of detail . In the nineties of the 20th century the decline of the brand was prevented by the takeover of the porcelain manufacture Reichenbach, also from Thuringia.

Since then the old forms and

colours are continued as the brand Gräfenthal by Reichenbach furthermore. And also the redesigns of Gerd Sommerlade are to be owed to the cooperation with Reichenbach Porzellan, who created a big series in coloured porcelain, the model 'Colour' for Reichenbach. On the one hand we would like to attract your attention particularly on the pureness of the figurines in white biscuit porcelain: in this variation the richness of details can be seen best: the fur of the dachshund or the plumage of the parrot to name only some. On the other hand - with all love to the pure design: even we North Germans fell in love with the colourful painted birds of Gräfenthal by Reichenbach.

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