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The baroque air of the secret

capital of Portugal. In all collections of Topazio we recognize the style elements of the Portuguese baroque. Cutleries

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The baroque air of the secret

capital of Portugal. In all collections of Topazio we recognize the style elements of the Portuguese baroque. Cutleries in unusual historical reminiscences, art objects sketched for the magnificent town palaces of Porto or, however, also the small charming objects of silver which accompany the everyday life: All this You may expect from Topázio.

Topázio is a noble brand which

was founded by Manuel José Ferreira Marques in 1874 in the historical town Porto for the production of objects of golden and silver goods and is a family enterprise even today . When Ferreira Marques died in the 30s of the last century at the age of 73 years, he already leaves the a wide range of droughts to silver models in Portuguese baroque. Only after his death the name Topázio was introduced in the family enterprise from Porto. The manufacture soon became one of the biggest factories of the Iberian peninsula. All embassies and diplomatic representations of the country are equipped with hollowware and cutlery of Topázio.

In the 70s of the last century

the company began to introduce the production also from silver plated objects and cutleries: till then a 'real' Topázio was exclusive made in sterling silver. In this era the brand also starts to present itself on international fairs and shows his skill which absolutely can be compared with the Central European manufactures.

Portuguese sterling silver in

fine workmanship and cutleries in unusual forms made this brand of the seafarer's nation known behind the frontiers of Europe.


sterling silver

Silver is the first metal of which cutleries were made of and the material has the reputation to possess bactericidal qualities. A sterling cutlery of massive silver is even after decades an object of great value. Depending on the execution real silver objects are not made out of pure silver, but material silver (Ag) are mixed with copper (Cu). The proportionate mass of this alloy is specified in thousandth. So the 800th silver contains 80% of silver and 20% of copper, the 925th silver – also called sterling silver – 7.5% of copper and so on. Therefore, the color of the silver also differs slightly, depending to the percentage of copper in the alloy. Mainly for optical reasons massive silver is galvanized often with a layer of pure silver. Silver is marked with the punch which refers to the punch law of the country of origin. In Germany the imperial crown and the half moon has to be beside the brand of the manufacturer together with the thousandth number as a token for the real silver. In France, however, the head of Minerva in an octagon beside the punch of the manufacture is the juridically correct sign.

Hallmark Portugal

Hallmark Portugal

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