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Pott 41 Bon Dia cutlery

Pott Edition cutlery

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Knife, fork ... is for small

children! The future of one of the most important cultural techniques lies in small hands.

Hands of children learn fast,

the correct entry is made soon with the sympathetic brother of 41 Bon Dia. Private cutlery accompanies the childhood from the first bite-sized spoon, learning how to deal with real functioning silver ware like adults, until finally the private cereal spoon or butter knife of their adolescence.

For what you have grown fond

of you are not restoring so quickly because sympathy finally decides.

also available in: silverplated
18/10 stainless
knife type:
hollow handle

Reduced to fundamentals: There

are things, they are designed from the outset so well that they never again must be changed. And cutleries of Carl Hugo Pott absolutely belong to them. ...Pott brand shop

design: Ralph Krämer
Made in Germany
print version
complete sets

complete sets in stainless

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  • childrens set 04 pcs  Bonito childrens set 04 pcs Pott Bonito in 18 /10 stainless:
    •   1 childrens fork
    •   1 childrens spoon
    •   1 childrens knife
    •   1 coffee spoon.
    162,00 €
    (tax free: 136,13€ )
single parts

single parts in stainless

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  • items
  • coffee spoon  Bonito coffee spoon Pott Bonito in 18 /10 stainless
    length: 130 mm -
    33,00 €
    (tax free: 27,73€ )
  • childrens fork  Bonito childrens fork Pott Bonito in 18 /10 stainless
    length: 145 mm -
    36,00 €
    (tax free: 30,25€ )
  • childrens spoon  Bonito childrens spoon Pott Bonito in 18 /10 stainless
    length: 150 mm -
    36,00 €
    (tax free: 30,25€ )
  • childrens knife hollow handle  Bonito childrens knife hollow handle Pott Bonito in 18 /10 stainless
    length: 170 mm -
    62,00 €
    (tax free: 52,10€ )
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This cutlery is made from

18/10 high-grade steel in Germany. stainless steel is an alloy of steel, chrome and nickel which is used preferentially with quality cutlery. Chrome and nickel provide for the corrosion resistance and the softer shine which can be noticed on closer inspection. The steel of this cutlery includes 18% chrome and 10% nickel and is dishwasher safe and resistant against light acids and waters.

Pott Bonito has knives with

a hollow handle. Knives with a hollow handle have a blade of special steel which is clearly sharper than a blade from an simple chrome steel. The high-quality hollow handle knives are always composed from two parts, with this cutlery from the blade and the handle from stainless. Pott Bonito in stainless is matte. The extraordinary cutlery has only some additional parts: from childrens knife hollow handle to coffee spoon, from childrens fork to coffee spoon .

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