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  • Sommelier
    white wine glass 2 pcs
    580,00 €
    red wine glass 2 pcs
    580,00 €
    liqueur glass 2 pcs
    435,00 €
    Digestif 2 pcs
    525,00 €
  • Etchéa (art déco 1937)
    coffee pot
    3.050,00 €
    3.050,00 €
    2.000,00 €
    sugar bowl
    2.000,00 €
  • Icarie
    vase 11 cm
    405,00 €
    vase 17 cm
    540,00 €
    vase 23 cm
    970,00 €
    vase 40 cm
    2.800,00 €
  • cutlery Puiforcat Consulat 168g silverplated
    finish: polished
    style: classical
    range: adequate
    basic set 24 pcs: 1.650,00 € tax free: 1.386,55 € + shipping costs ► in $ ► shipping costs + delivery time
  • Puiforcat brands Sommelier
    bottle coaster
    430,00 €
    wine cooler
    2.100,00 €
    wine cooler large
    4.500,00 €
    bottle holder
    1.350,00 €
  • cutlery Puiforcat Nantes finish: polished
    style: avantgarde
    range: luxurious
    basic set 24 pcs: 2.160,00 € tax free: 1.815,13 € + shipping costs ► in $ ► shipping costs + delivery time

Immersed in the wave of artistic

change that characterised the period between the wars, he was one of the founders of the Union des artistes modernes in 1929, and was a friend of René Herbst, le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Chareau. He was passionate about sculpture and invented a revolutionary formal language that advocated adapting form to suit function. His unfussy style – characterised by pure, architectural lines, notable simplicity and the marriage of solid silver with other precious materials such as exotic woods, semi-precious stones and shagreen – is inspired by Art déco and was the founding stone for contemporary high-end silverwork. His work is regularly revived and still exudes the same spirit we see in contemporary in-house collections.

Puiforcat came under the wing of the Hermès group in 1993 and, sustained by an exceptional know-how, it now works on re-launching its most beautiful heritage pieces as well as devising tomorrow’s classics with the help of present-day designers.

The solid steel cutlery

set Zermatt, designed by Patrick Jouin and launched in 2010, has already been included in the permanent collections of the Museum at the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. Over and above the art of tableware, the house of Puiforcat intends to continue using its almost two-hundred-year-old expertise to serve a complete “silversmith’s art of living” particularly with respect to the art of taste and of decoration. The champagne beaker, a unique tasting tool created in 1999, and the range of kitchen knives conceived with Pierre Gagnaire in 2011, illustrate this commitment.

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Annecy Bayonne Cannes Cardinal Chantaco Consulat Couteaux d'Orfèvre Croisette Cyperus Deauville Élysée Guethary Lavallière Louvois Molière Mascaron Monthélie Nantes Noailles Normandie Papyrus Richelieu Royal Vieux Paris Zermatt

table accessories

Collection Champagne Cuistot Etchéa (art déco 1937) Euclide Jacaranda Nantes Sommelier Timbale à cognac


Etchéa Icarie Kéa L'Argent de Poche Pétanque Ruban


Cercle d'Argent Cercle d'Orfèvre Or


sterling silver 930
    silver plated
      stainless steel
        table accessories

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