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Robbe & Berking is a manufacture

in the original sense: Everything is produced in time-consuming manual labour. For example, for manufacturing a single cutlery part only are necessary up to 40 different operations. And most operations are as executed today, even as they were necessary 140 years ago at the time of the foundation of the company.
The company was founded by Nicholas Christoph Robbe in 1874. He was a gold- and silversmith and worked first in a small workshop in which he offered repair and engravings. Today nobody would probably remember this small business in Flensburg, if Robert Berking had not joined the business and gave the company impetus with his idea to produce cutleries by the end of 19th century. The company Robbe & Berking soon sold his cutleries till then far away Hamburg. The company blossomed and marketed cutleries of the manufacture primarily with jewellers and soon one dozen employees was nourished. During the postwar years in the sixties Robbe & Berking found out a new blossom. Sketched by Robert Berking, quite new modern and the spirit of the times suitable cutlery models were produced of silver. Today many of these are still liked and you find this even today explained on these sides under the column vintage series. Robbe and Berking still stuck to his tradition of the cutlery production and got on as a handicraft business, as a manufacture. Since in 1990ies the profile of the brand has changed once more and there came out the models which should stamp the appearance of the brand: Alta and later Riva. You recognize particularly by the last-mentioned clearly the development of a new creation with Robbe & Berking.

At the beginning stands the design,

worked out primarily as a sample by the master craftsmen and later in the production – without compromises. No design is falsified, only because the production probably is a little more complicated. And that is the reason we hold with every piece of silver of Robbe & Berking precisely the idea of the designer in our hands. The history of Robbe & Berking during the past 80 years has made the company the world market leader in cutleries from sterling to silver.
Twenty tons of this highly noble material is processed per year by 170 employees. One recognises that all cutlery models are available mainly in sterling silver, however, but also in addition a less expensive silvered variation of the patterns can be delivered. The silvered cutlery is produced on a core of German silver, an alloy of nickel, copper and zinc. This core allows working out the details similar precisely like on the soft sterling silver. One of the latest models with the cutleries is the cutlery Sphinx. Sphinx leans upon the tradition of the cutleries in the German Bauhaus style of the 40ies by Robbe & Berking. Sign of this cutlery is 90 ° corner in the crossing of the style to the bowl which gives a striking appearance to this representative cutlery. The appearance of this cutlery is complemented with a so-called German knife blade with a distinctive back. Excellently reveals itself in this draught that with Robbe & Berking every pattern has an individual knife blade, every cutlery differs also in the form of the fork prongs and the bowls. A different cutlery model is not only a different handle.

For ambitious demands are Robbe

& Berking offeres table accessories and hollowware, some of it - like the tableware series Alta - are issued as design examples in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The lines of these teapots, tureens and platters of Alta lean upon the maxim of Dessauer Bauhaus and are available in sterling silver as well as in silver plated. For us the nicest coffee service in silver of the today's time is the Neue Form: Made in sterling silver the design fascinates by softy, however, absolutely clear lines. In the centre of this design stands the bulbous or spherical basic form, complements with braces which connect clutch, lid and spout of the pot. The buttons and clutches made in Grenadille wood, an extremely hard tropical wood which we know from the instrument making, for example, from clarinets. Neue Form is an uncompromising design, and we recognize, as usual, with Robbe & Berking, the pursued expenditure in detail.
Robbe & Berking has become with his company philosophy the synonym for silver cutlery from Germany in indisputable quality. Exclusively made in own Flensburger workshops, the cutlery of the family enterprise Robbe & Berking is unparalleled in quality and design.

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12" [twelve] Alt Chippendale Alt Faden Alt Kopenhagen Alt Spaten Alta Arcade Art Deco Atlantic Brillant Atlantic matt Avenue Baltic Belvedere Classic Faden Como Dante Eclipse Französisch Perl Gio Hermitage Jardin Lago Martelé Navette Ostfriesen Pax Riva Rosenmuster Scandia Spaten Sphinx Topos Viva York

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Alt Faden Alt Spaten Alta Arcade Classic Faden Eiercloche Französisch Perl Leon Martelé Neue Form Sphinx


Grande Composition Jan von Borstel Sphinx
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