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Berndorf LogoBerndorf Avantgarde matt cutlery in goldplated

Berndorf Opus matt cutlery

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Berndorf brand shop

Slender beauties from Japan.

Remote design that fits perfectly into European hands.

Narrow handles flow out of asymmetrical

forks and round or plum shaped lobes. The lightly curved blade and the stepped handles with a sandblasted finish accentuate this extravagant model.

The Japanese jewelery designer

James Kawada has oriented the filigree top model from the 90s to the shaping of Japanese chopsticks. Berndorf avant-garde with its 23ct solid gilding is the perfect addition to porcelain with gold decoration, possesses the character for extraordinary productions like here in the photo with Francis Sheherazade of Rosenthal.

also available in: 18/10 stainless
18/10 goldplated
partial matte
knife type:
material thickness:
6 mm

High-quality design and functional

equipment. The history the Berndorf cutlery has become in Europe a synonym for long-lasting respectable eating tools, with a modern range which does not deny his

...Berndorf brand shop
design: James Kawada 1991
print version
complete sets

complete sets in goldplated

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  • items
  • table set 30 pcs monobloc Berndorf Avantgarde matt Berndorf Avantgarde matt in 18 /10 goldplated:
    •   6 table spoon
    •   6 table fork
    •   6 table knife monobloc
    •   6 coffee spoon
    •   6 pastry fork.
    1.299,00 €

    Berndorf Avantgarde matt Autumn Offer

    (tax free: 1.091,60€ )
  • table set 04 pcs monobloc Berndorf Avantgarde matt in 18 /10 goldplated:
    •   1 table spoon
    •   1 table fork
    •   1 table knife monobloc
    •   1 coffee spoon.
    219,50 €
    (tax free: 184,45€ )
single parts

single parts in goldplated

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  • items
  • table spoon  Avantgarde matt table spoon Berndorf Avantgarde matt in 18 /10 goldplated
    length: 203 mm -
    49,90 €
    (tax free: 41,93€ )
  • table fork  Avantgarde matt table fork Avantgarde matt in 18 /10 goldplated
    length: 202 mm -
    49,90 €
    (tax free: 41,93€ )
  • table knife monobloc  Avantgarde matt table knife monobloc Berndorf Avantgarde matt in 18 /10 goldplated
    length: 230 mm -
    49,90 €
    (tax free: 41,93€ )
  • coffee spoon  Avantgarde matt coffee spoon Avantgarde matt in 18 /10 goldplated
    length: 130 mm -
    34,90 €
    (tax free: 29,33€ )
  • pastry fork  Avantgarde matt pastry fork Berndorf Avantgarde matt in 18 /10 goldplated
    length: 135 mm -
    34,90 €
    (tax free: 29,33€ )
with prepayment 2% discount!
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This series has a core from

18/10 stainless steel which is covered by a galvanic procedure with a layer from 18/10 gold. Golden cutlery connects a representative character with good durability by his robust core.

Berndorf Avantgarde matt has

knives with a monobloc. Monobloc knives are made out of one piece of chrome steel free of nickel. With these knives no joint is visible between blade and handle. Berndorf Avantgarde matt in goldplated is partial matte. The extraordinary cutlery has only some additional parts: from table fork to pastry fork, from coffee spoon to table spoon .

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