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Puiforcat LogoPuiforcat cutlery in sterling silver 930 and silver plated

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  • Puiforcat cutlery in sterling silver  930 and silver plated
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  • cutleries sterling silver  930

    Cutleries sterling silver 930

    A legendary reputation precedes to Puiforcat cutlery in sterling silver 930. It is difficult to find more noble and individual eating tools, except maybe Puiforcat cutlery with an additional surface refining, gilded or polished with the agate stone.

    sterling silver 930
  • cutleries silver plated

    Cutleries silver plated

    Cutlery from the legendary French silver manufacture in a moderate prize range. Puiforcat cutlery in silver plated just as in sterling silver benefit from the immense experience of the luxury silversmith which reaches back to the beginning of the...

    silver plated
  • cutleries stainless steel

    Cutleries stainless steel

    Stainless steel cutleries of Puiforcat are a tribute to an easy lifestyle and informal occasions.
    Modern cutleries with an excellent, unmistakeable design, precisely worked Art Deco style after a penned by Jean Puiforcat and an excellent knife series...

    stainless steel
Puiforcat cutlery
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sterling silver 930
    silver plated
      stainless steel

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