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  • Christofle cutlery in Christofle silver and sterling silver
    Christofle brand shop

    Cutlery of Christofle belongs

    without doubt to the best known products of this brand. Cutleries of Christofle are setting benchmarks in design and style. You find a big choice in cutleries in silver plated, a choice of exquisite cutleries in sterling silver and an assortment rich in variation of cutleries in stainless steel in the universe of Christofle. The most extensive range of the cutleries is are found with the models in Christofle silver – silver plated.

  • cutleries Christofle silver

    Cutleries Christofle silver

    Cutlery of Christofle belongs without doubt to the best known products of this brand. Cutleries of Christofle are setting benchmarks in design and style. You find a big choice in cutleries in silver plated, a choice of exquisite cutleries in sterling...

    Christofle silver
  • cutleries sterling silver

    Cutleries sterling silver

    Christofle cutleries in sterling silver are limited to a smaller choice. Most cutleries which they receive in sterling silver from Christofle are also available in silvered implementation. Christofle was founded at the beginning of the 19th century as...

    sterling silver
  • cutleries stainless 18/10

    Cutleries stainless 18/10

    When Christofle was founded 170 years ago the production of stainless steel cutlery was probably rather inconceivable. Charles Christofle founded a factory for the production of silvered goods – the Orfèvrerie Christofle.
    The same company has produced...

    stainless 18/10
Christofle cutlery

This is explained by the history

of Christofle, in which the procedure of silver plating of alpaca – German silver called – were in the centre of the foundation of this company. In 1830 the founder of the Orfèvrerie Christofle - Charles Christofle - founded a factory, in the silver plating of objects was proceeded. The founder bought bit by bit different patents to this procedure of galvanization and was decorated in 1855 by Napoleon III with the title of the court supplier. From this history results, that not only in France still today silvered objects are named as Christofle silver. Thus you also find with us all silvered objects and cutleries under the column Christofle silver.

In the range of the silvered

cutleries Christofle is able to offer by far the choice biggest. Nevertheless, most cutleries are classical cutleries - not only with their names related to the French history.
The model Malmaison, called after the castle of the empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte is to be emphasized. This model was sketched and produced on behalf of Napoleon Bonaparte and has become to an excellent example of the French Empire-style. The palm which pulls through this decoration as an always returning motive is token as a symbol of the Napoleonic victories. You will recognize this palm on the cutlery as well as on the hollow product and the table silver - according to implementation on the edge or in the handle. Rumors say that Napoleon Bonaparte led this cutlery even on his battles with himself. Many of the silvered cutlery patterns are named after known buildings and their places in France. To call thus Marly, Chinon, Cluny or Albi. All cutleries is common an excellent handcrafting and outstanding use qualities. Of course you also find beside these models in the assortment of the silvered cutleries to quite classical French designs like the French Baguette, with Christofle called after the opera of Beethoven Fidelio as well as the Rubains, also known as Grand Ribbon. The both of the silvered cutleries models as a variation of the spade pattern are called Cluny and Chinon. However, both forms clearly differ from the spade shape which you may know in Germany. The French variation is roundish and seems softer than the angular German spade pattern. Therefore, a combination of these French patterns with spade pattern from German production is not advisable. A model, also available in silver plated, sterling silver as well as in stainess steel, is the model Albi. Albi is one with the most elementary basic forms of cutlery which it is only merely decorated by a running around thread. This decoration is probably spread in the whole western world, here you find the decoration in this pattern in an especially nice implementation.

Cutleries in sterling silver

is limited to a smaller choice. Most cutleries which are available in sterling silver from Christofle are also available in silver plated implementation. An exception to it is the cutlery Renaissance which is produced bit by bit in laborious manual labour. The name refers to the French Renaissance and you may see at the end of the handle a small mask, a mascara, which forms the centre of a latticework from scrolls. Acanthus leaves, not simply stamped out but each one bit by bit worked out from the sterling silver, mark the centre of the handles. The decoration is completed by the engraving at the back of the fork and the spoon which marks a counterbalance to the opulent end of the handle. This cutlery is produced exclusively in sterling silver and can be delivered with a gold plating on request. You will find again the most popular models of Christofle in sterling. In particular the Malmaison, a front runner should be mentioned here also like in silvered plated, just as Marly, Albi and Perles. Quite remarkably is the Jardin d’Eden: Introduced three years ago Jardin d'Eden designed by Marcel Wanders is sold due to the enormous interest also in sterling silver. A special variation this cutlery is certainly the implementation in sterling silver with golden applications.

While the assortment of the

real silver cutleries Christofle keeps closely to the traditional patterns, the bigger experimental joy rules in the range of the stainless steel cutleries. Here though we find the already mentioned Christofle cutlery Albi in stainless steel and a design from the era of the Maison Cardeilhac, called Hudson, however, the prevailing majority of this range of cutleries is modern.
Also with the cutleries in stainless steel you will recognize the idea which guides through the entire collection of Christofle. The idea of connecting highest quality and perfect design with the today's life style.

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Albi Albi 2 Albi Acier América Aria B.Y Chinon Cluny Commodore Concorde Élémentaire Essentiell Fidélio Galéa Hudson Infini Jardin d'Eden L'Ame de Christofle Malmaison Marly Marly gravée Mimosa Mood Mood Gold Mood Precious roségold Origine Osiris Perles Perles 2 Renaissance Royal Ciselé Rubans Spatours Uni Vertigo

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Albi Anémone - Belle Époque Fidélio Jardin d'Eden K+T Malmaison Oh de Christofle Silver Time Vertigo


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