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It is a great experience

yet to dine with a hand-painted dinner service. Maybe only excelled from the knowledge that every plate, every cup is a unique piece. The dinner services and mocha services of the manufacture from Dresden are not simply nice replicas from the early days of this manufacture, but new creations in spirit of the blooming period of the painting on porcelain in Dresden.

  • Dresden Porcelain Ludwigsburger Relief Espresso cups on a historical scale are not yet the starting point for the possibilities offered by the Dresden porcelain factory, but give a first insight into the canon of the different flowers, which are destinctivley naturalistic hand-painted. Each one is unique: they are both a small collection...

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Founded 1872 by Carl Thieme,

who had acquired his experiences as a successful painter and restorer, the Dresden manufacture Dresden Porcelain reaches back on a respectable form treasure.

To name first is the form Neubrandenstein

which delivers the basis for all décors of the dinner- and coffee services. Besides we offer the mocha service on the form of the Ludwigsburger Relief. On the form Neubrandenstein you find with us three most prominent patterns for dinnerware. The first the most typical one of the Dresden décors: Blume Golddekor (Flower with golden décor). This is the most popular of the flower decorations from the Dresden workshop. All pots, cups and plates are adorned by one or several hand-painted bouquets of flowers which are separated with a rococo-style decoration of gold of each other. The decoration arrangement is concluded by a wide ornamented edge of polished gold. This decoration, just as the so-called Blume Leicht (flower light), shows very nicely the diversity of the Dresden flower painting. Without predrawing the flowers from the canon of the treasure of flowers of the Dresden manufacture are anew arranged here over and over again, in colours as well as in shape. To all together is merely the arrangement: around a big flower in the center two smaller ones arrange themselves, which are surrounded again by tendril work. They recognise on all photos with us that every plate, every cup is provided with a different decoration. A welcome opportunity for you to give with your order exactly the colours and the flowers which you prefer. Nevertheless, in every cup, in every plate you still find again the hallmark of the executive painter.

On the same form Neubrandenstein

the fruit decoration is shown. At first sight a substantially easier decoration which is connected, nevertheless, by the shadings with a substantially higher expenditure. Differently than with the flower paintings which are applied in one operation, the fruit decoration needs several firings of the decoration, to avoid that the colours run with each other and the tender shadings are reached. The fruit decoration is - just as the birds painting - like a small picture in the middle of the plate or the cup, and not only simply a decoration from brushstrokes: picture painting, painted after presentations. You may see the different arrangements which can appear on the pieces. All plates are again different, however, the canon remains restricted on the given fruits. And you certainly will have already discovered it: you also find with the fruit decoration once in a while a flower stuck between the fruits, the flowers for which chinaware from Dresden is so famous. On the form of the Ludwigsburger Relief come along a whole series of mocha services. The birds motive number 55 proves on this baroque form - just as the fruit decoration - the qualities of the picture painting. The birds are very filigree and also the in addition applied butterflies are painted quite naturalistic. It appears almost impossible to us that these old décors were painted exclusively by men during the first 30 years of the manufacture Dresden. So softly and fine, as these appear.

To all décors of this small

choice in table services from this manufacture is common that every movement, every decoration, every form was produced exclusively in manual labour. A dinnerware from a manufacture whose production processes today are the same as 100 years ago probably never is perfect ,but generous and unique.

Dresden Porcelain

Sächsische Porzellanmanufaktur

Dresden: Authentic and Unique, Excessively and Prestigiously. You must'nt be a Porcelain specialist to recognise these pieces of art as of the Dresden genre - not to mistake with the Viennese manner or the gesture of Meißen.

The history of the Dresdner Porzellan

has begun for a long time before the real foundation by Johann Carl Gottlieb Thieme in 1872. In a period of bloom in which in Dresden many house painters white china (Weissware) decorated, also produced Johann Carl Gottlieb Thieme decorative porcelain which he expelled with great success also in his small art dealer's shop and classical art action in Viktoriastrasse in Dresden. His ornamental porcelain completely corresponded to the taste of the upperclass and aristocratic buyers in baroque Dresden. He acquired to himself, nevertheless, already early comprehensive knowledge from the restoration of the royal porcelain collection. Up to the foundation of the porcelain manufacture in Dresden Potschappel the china was imported undecorated as a white product particularly from Thuringia. With the establishment of the then very modern factory of Carl Thieme these also took over the production of the white product. Nevertheless, the history of the Dresdner Porzellan manufacture is not to be thought without modeler of porcelain-flowers Karl August Kuntsch puts down in 1874 on the company of Carl Thieme. The luxuriant flower application which we find on many parts of the Dresdner Porzellan manufacture belongs to the remaining heir of Karl August Kuntsch.

Already in the first years the

Dresden Porcelain manufacture Carl Thieme succeeds in gaining famous prices on the world exhibitions and in expelling his products outside his state and his country. In spite of high penal duties Thieme exports his products to Great Britain, the United States of America and Russia. Primarily specified on adorned porcelain the Dresdner Porzellan completely corresponds to the time taste: invested to the rococo, to the natal aera of the European porcelain, fits out and applied with naturalistic flowers and blossoms, figurines, paints in usual manner in free flower painting or complete tableaux. A specific feature Thieme also already had produced at his lifetimes, were the candlesticks and paraffin lamps which he even exported till the USA.

We find again all these style

elements also today, 140 years after the foundation of the manufacture, in all products of the Dresdner Porzellan. One of the typical elements of the porcelain manufacture is the free flower painting: A central blossom, complements with two minor flowers and tendril work. All this is raised without predrawing and without draft by the porcelain painters on the glazed porcelain. No blossom resembles of the others and also the colour can be an absolutely different one. In this respect every part is, for example, also from a dinner service a unique specimen and bear the hallmarks  of the porcelain painter. The same like with the luxuriant flower applications: On many ornamental objects these flower decorations are to be found, in filigree manner naturalistic worked out, so that yet the filaments may not be missed. These flower decorations are typical for the ornamental porcelain Dresden origin. Another sign that of the Dresdner Porzellan are the freehand cut breakthroughs which we find with many baskets and bowls, but also with the big candelabras in or table candlesticks.

All decorative objects from the

Dresden Porcelain manufacture - Dresdner Porzellan - are no replicas of the past time, but the living continuation of the inheritance the Dresden Porcelain painter and modeler of porcelain-blossoms. With every piece of this unusual brand you hold a unique specimen in the hands. A piece of art which outlasts the times.

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