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Rosenthal dinnerware
Rosenthal brand shop

Innovation and tradition form

a unique breeding ground from which Rosenthal has developed. It is now one of the leading international suppliers of

Rosenthal brand shop

  • Brillance Fleurs Sauvages The design for Fleurs Sauvages draws on the sensations of blooming flowers, the humming of insects, delicate leaves and cool grass to give the overall impression of a walk in a summer’s paradise.
    Inspired by the glorious harmony of the different plants in a flower meadow, Swiss textile designer...
  • Brillance Ligne d'Argent Brillance - Rosenthal Selection: Flat surface meets a spherical curve Flat surface meets a spherical curve, emitting a feeling of creative tension.
    The alluring interplay of two perfect geometries – that is the idea behind Brillance. And bone china is particularly well-suited for this range as...
  • Rosenthal Jade Linea Jade Linea - Rosenthal Selection: finest Bone China service The wishing table furnishes itself. Be it traditional, Oriental or casual, there is one bone china collection that suits every occasion.
    This is because, with its clear shape and elegant lines, Jade has an extremely timeless design. The...
  • Jade Weiß With the Jade form, Rosenthal combines design and aesthetics with the latest trends in international stylish dining.
    Distinct contours and elegant shapes emphasise the timeless beauty of this extensive collection. Jade engenders boundless enjoyment in trying out unusual combinations and is a...
  • Landscape Oriental tradition. Patricia Urquiola is one of the most famous and internationally sought-after designers. For Rosenthal studio-line, Patricia Urquiola designed a dining concept of porcelain, glass, cutlery and accessories, which corresponds, with its formal language and outstanding craftsmanship,...
  • The British designer Jasper Morrison is one of the most outstanding representatives of a contemporary, puristic and functional design.
    His porcelain collection Moon of the Rosenthal studio-line convinces with its deliberately simple, soft and clear design. Moon is a porcelain set in the tradition...
  • Rosenthal Brillance Weiß The fusion of traditional craftsmanship and advanced techniques has given birth to Brillance, a high-quality premium bone china collection that combines pure elegance with a modern aesthetic touch.
    Strength, radiance and brilliance give the collection the clarity that inspires its name.
  • Concentration on the essentials marks the set Suomi by the Finn Timo Sarpaneva.
    With the design of the compact, organic form from the year 1976, Timo Sarpaneva was inspired by the round, smooth pebbles from the coast of Finland. Suomi with its flawless perfection is Scandinavian purism for...
  • Rosenthal Suomi New Generation In cooperation with Timo Sarpaneva some parts of the avant-garde, timeless porcelain set “Suomi“, which can be perfectly assembled into a “modernity-set” with classic parts, was revised and supplemented.
    Bowls, in three different sizes, offer the possibility, to serve food in different and...
  • TAC Gropius Skin Platin
  • TAC Gropius Departure, new beginnings, confidence. The spirit of the time is changing. Rosenthal meets this challenge. Moving away from the imitation of old times to the “originals of our time”.
    This new direction of style presents us with a cultural spirit, the Rosenthal studio-line, registered design...
  • Rosenthal TAC Gropius Black
  • TAC Gropius Platin
  • With its fine relief structure and smooth surface, the graphic TAC Skin Gold design picks up on the theme of structure and contrast already visible in Gropius’ original design and enhances the distinctive styling of the timeless design.
  • Rosenthal Zauberflöte Music plays an important part in the life of the Danish artist and designer Björn Wiinblad. His creations are strongly influenced by his love of music. Time and again he is inspired by it not only in forms and pictures but also for complete stage settings for opera and ballet.
    Björn Wiinblad...
  • Zauberflöte Sarastro

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Innovation and tradition form

a unique breeding ground from which Rosenthal has developed. It is now one of the leading international suppliers of contemporary table and living culture.

Over decades, Rosenthal has always

remained alive and fascinating, united and motivated by the desire to create the best in design in every era - "what is original in our time". Get to know more about the world of brands within a world brand. Let yourself be inspired by our products, make a present of sheer delight and embellish you personal home.

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