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The porcelain manufacturer

Richard Ginori looks back on a 300-year history. In 1735, driven by the growing interest in "white gold" as the porcelain

Richard Ginori brand shop

  • Antico Doccia The ancient Florentine porcelain mold tells of a long tradition in chaste white. Delicate details are created without further decoration and may play a main role.
    Restrained but characteristic, the proven shadow play demonstrates universality, adapts to modern interiors as well as stylish...
  • Aurea
  • Babele Blue Babylonian variety of different patterns in divers shades of blue meet with the most beautiful shapes from four series of the Florentine manufactory.
    The fine-tuned decor of classical Renaissance motifs reminds of an antique steel engraving, endlessly varied and infinitely freely combinable with...
  • Babele Nero
  • Babele Rosso Flamy red the decors shine like made from steel with their Renaissance motifs. Multifaceted variations of several different traditional collections - including Antico Doccia - open up a wide range of combinations.
    Overpowering Babylonian is the baroque abundance of individual parts, each one...
  • Richard Ginori Babele Verde
  • Catena Scarlatto
  • Catena Smeraldo
  • Cirque des Merveilles Blanc Black and white like a scissor cut, the gift collection is a eye-catcher for all family festivals.
    On the traditional porcelain form Impero the domestic scenes are portrayed naively: He and she, the children and all sorts of hustle and bustle. Venetian and playful is the contrasting decor, an...
  • Cirque des Merveilles Rose Turbulent activity can be expected from this moving table set. The small adorable stories are sketched colorfull. In Biedermeier manner, mother and father are represented, children who are told fairy tales to and who are sitting under the Christmas tree. Lovely little solitaries with scenes from...
  • Contessa Indaco
  • Richard Ginori Contessa Smeraldo
  • Granduca Coreana
  • Italian Fruit Cheerful but stylish, plum, pumpkin and strawberry play their fruity charm, arranged between scattered flowers, delightfully united with a delicate border of gold and fine blue lines.
    An enchanting design on the wonderfully typical silhouette of the porcelain Antico Doccia, which elegantly...
  • Labirinto Nero The famous tableware from the pen of the Milanese master of architecture represents cool elegance in its most beautiful appearance.
    The basic form in strict neoclassicism, whose roots date back centuries, is decorated with the extraordinary decor of Gió Ponti from the year 1926. A labyrinth...
  • Labirinto Scarlatto
  • Labirinto Zaffiro
  • Richard Ginori Oriente Italiano Albus The largest possible abstraction Oriente Italianos designed by Gío Ponti plays with the abundance of any color. Taupe sketched scenes occure, seemingly jotted on the classic form Antico Doccia.
    Flowery decor and curved contour look almost masculine in this variant. As a complement to the...
  • Oriente Italiano Azalea Gold Distinctive pink in combination with traditional cobalt blue gives the re-design by Gio Ponti a cheeky note. He developed this decor in the historical form of Antico Doccia in the 1940s. To this day, the color canon is constantly being expanded and new color combinations always produce amazing...
  • Oriente Italiano Bario A firework in pale green is Bario with its dull color shades. Taupe are the Chinese-like still lifes with the typical Garofano - the carnation made by Gió Ponti. The color setting is particularly suitable as a companion for prominent colors such as Oriente Italiano Iris Gold. However, this color...
  • Oriente Italiano Cipria Paler Powder gives the Cipria collection its name. The sketched design of the old master of Italian architecture, Gió Ponti, has a completely different effect in the autumnal shades than in the conspicuous pink or malachite. This dishware is persistently conserved in its up-to-date fashion and...
  • Oriente Italiano Citrino Blue on lemon yellow hovers the decor of Gió Ponti on the traditional form Antico Doccia. Translucently, the scenes that arose in the 1940s mixed with the color of the fund and charmed by the sketched impression just like they were jotted.
    The rural character in urban color combinations...
  • Oriente Italiano Iris Gold Tinges that merge into each other mysteriously and subtly interwoven decoration Gió Ponti designed on the ancient Florentine form.
    Transparent and mysterious like the dawn is the motif of the garofano, the carnation varies widely and spins shade in shade. In a playful combination with other...
  • Richard Ginori Oriente Italiano Malachite Mysterious as the semi-precious gem in dark green and petrol, this color combination is modern and distinctive. The strong colors on the thin shards of Antico Doccia associate family festivals on an Italian estate: stylish and in the middle of life.
  • Oriente Italiano Pervinca Gold Blue-violet as morning fog, a white-sketched decor on a pale blue background, Pervinca on the outline, almost as old as the famous manufactory.
    The foggy design is lined with a gold border, which contrasts with its luster the fine drawing. A contemporary decor with roots in the creative period of...
  • Oriente Italiano Porpora Gold Scarlet and pink merge in the ancient form of Antico Doccia to form far eastern sceneries. The striking color combination is refined with the powerful gold edge, which gives the service a festive atmosphere.
    The distinctiveness of the interlacing colors is underlined by the gold border and...
  • Oriente Italiano Vermiglio Blurred red shades on dusky pink, a sunset in fiery colors on the classic form of Antico Doccia, whose design goes already far back in the history of the manufactory.
    Recovered in the forties by Gió Ponti, which has designed the enchanting semi-translucent decor in shades that complement each...
  • Oro di Doccia Giada Galli verdi - Jade green pencil drawing of green cocks characterise the collection on the form Veccio Ginori with its wealth of variants. The Chinese-like sceneries with birds and fantastic flowers spread over the set. Stylishly charming, the decor is in delightful contrast to the baroque crockery...
  • Oro di Doccia Magenta
  • Richard Ginori Oro di Doccia Turchese Turquoise green the decor on Veccio Ginori quotes the famous pattern of the 'Galli Rossi' of the Florentine manufactory.
    The scene of the fighting cocks, drawn like a feather, is condensed into a monochrome interplay on the traditional porcelain form the baroque period. The re-launch of Oro de...
  • Toscana Bario
  • Toscana Camelia
  • Toscana Citrino
  • Toscana Selenio
  • Since 1740 the model Neu-Osier with its accentuated basket pattern determines the image of porcelain from Doccia. Alla Sassone - according to the Saxon style, Veccio Ginori combines savoir faire with Italian elegance. In the course of the centuries again and again extended and adjusted to the...
  • Richard Ginori Voliere Romantic birds in a historical manner - the collection of crockery awakens the passion for collecting. Surrounded by golden tendrils, twelve different bird motifs unfold their own life: each one is lifelike right down to the feathers. In polished gold not only the foliage is finely graduated, each...

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Richard Ginori

The Porcelain manufacturer

Richard Ginori looks back on a 300-year history. In 1735, driven by the growing interest in "white gold" as the porcelain was called at this time, the porcelain manufactory was founded in the town of Doccia in Sesto Fiorentino near Florence in Tuscany.

The Doccia manufactory, as it

was originally called, moved to neighboring Florence in 1955, expanding its production and diversity. Inspired by international exhibitions and the fashion for naturalistic tastes, the possibility appeared to discover romanticism. Noble insects nestled between floral elements, themes of theater literature, fantasy objects and the Macchiaioli school of painting decorate the porcelain. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, new technologies offer decorative solutions and change the manufacturing techniques. Gold and Platinum became the preference of designers to reinforce the expression of luxury. The architect and designer Gio Ponti provide the European scene new decorative patterns in accordance with the types of the epoch. The porcelain of the porcelain manufactory Richard Ginori dresses many famous banquets in important palaces and villas.

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