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  • RichardGinori Antico DocciaRichard Ginori Antico Doccia The ancient Florentine porcelain mold tells of a long tradition in chaste white. Delicate details are created without further decoration and may play a main role.
    Restrained but characteristic, the proven shadow play demonstrates universality, adapts to modern interiors as well as stylish...
  • JacquesPergay Arbre PochetteJacques Pergay Arbre Pochette
  • Raynaud AtlantideRaynaud Atlantide The dishes move in a great twist, indicated by the delicate relief. The modern service is contemporary as well for traditional table decorations, which you can see at the photo with the classic cutlery from Ercuis.
    Like a meringue the waves turn up to the button and recommend Atlantide...
  • Raynaud Atlantide SableRaynaud Atlantide Sable A dance of silk in fluttering swing, so the set seems to hover with the dull shimmering surface. At the photo combined with the cutlery Paris from Ercuis, which combines the shimming lines as a stylized knot.
    While the sweeping flags are silky matt with the feminine relief, the mirror of the...
  • JacquesPergay AubepineJacques Pergay Aubepine
  • Fürstenberg AuréoleFürstenberg Auréole
  • JacquesPergay BananierJacques Pergay Bananier
  • Reichenbach BergeNovelty Reichenbach Berge
  • GuyDegrenne Boreal whiteGuy Degrenne Boreal white
  • Fürstenberg Carlo dal BiancoFürstenberg Carlo dal Bianco
  • JacquesPergay DunesJacques Pergay Dunes
  • JacquesPergay GinkgoJacques Pergay Ginkgo
  • Fürstenberg Herzog FerdinandFürstenberg Herzog Ferdinand The cylindrical-oval basic shape, angular handles, geometric ornamentation and encircling modeling lines mark this form Herzog Ferdinand, developed around 1780, as a timeless original from the era of classicism.
  • Reichenbach HombroichNovelty Reichenbach Hombroich Strict geometry works through its harmonious proportions. The dishes and cylindrical bowls are the perfect accompaniment for culinary delicacies, unexpectedly hidden in small boxes, opulent arrangements presented on impressive try-sized plates.
    Staggered in diameter, seven different sizes can be...
  • Raynaud HommageRaynaud Hommage This collection leaves a lot of space for imaginative decoration of the cookery. Thomas Keller designed it and you dine in his 'per se' in New York. Plates of all sizes and with the most varied shapes and mirrors, oval or angular, concentric or with a generously broad edge, can be found here....
  • Raynaud Hommage ChecksRaynaud Hommage Checks Pepita in shimmering white invigorates the solid surfaces. Gourmet porcelain for connoisseurs with manifold possibilities receives with the subtle decoration a touch of playful character.
    Plate mirrors in variations - angular, square or round - and cloches are a fitting setting for culinary...
  • Raynaud Hommage MakassarRaynaud Hommage Makassar Universally and nobly, the under and dining plates of the collection are combinable with many sets of Limoges. In our photo, the large plate in platinum with a soup plate of Monceau Platine and a bowl of Lunes is mixed but a harmonious mixture.
  • SiegerbyFürstenberg HotSieger by Fürstenberg Hot Two faces has the drinking cup, which you and your opponent at the same time look at. Silhoutte-like features, delicately elaborated, a fine-curved mouth and Buddha-like eyes, divide the mug evenly.
    The ensemble is complete with a saucer of My China! White or the champagne cooler Faces as a vase....
  • Rosenthal Jade LineaRosenthal Jade Linea Jade Linea - Rosenthal Selection: finest Bone China service The wishing table furnishes itself. Be it traditional, Oriental or casual, there is one bone china collection that suits every occasion.
    This is because, with its clear shape and elegant lines, Jade has an extremely timeless design. The...
  • Rosenthal Jade WeißRosenthal Jade Weiß With the Jade form, Rosenthal combines design and aesthetics with the latest trends in international stylish dining.
    Distinct contours and elegant shapes emphasise the timeless beauty of this extensive collection. Jade engenders boundless enjoyment in trying out unusual combinations and is a...
  • Rosenthal LandscapeRosenthal Landscape Oriental tradition. Patricia Urquiola is one of the most famous and internationally sought-after designers. For Rosenthal studio-line, Patricia Urquiola designed a dining concept of porcelain, glass, cutlery and accessories, which corresponds, with its formal language and outstanding craftsmanship,...
  • JacquesPergay Le MarchéJacques Pergay Le Marché
  • JacquesPergay LotusJacques Pergay Lotus
  • Raynaud LunesRaynaud Lunes Feminine curves of Lunes are the stage for culinary art. The plates of this dish are not flat, but extend upwards, to the guest, and present the food.
    In collaboration with the chef, a designer couple and the porcelain manufacture, this porcelain has been created around the modern table concept....
  • Raynaud MentonNovelty Raynaud Menton The famous Limoges porcelain, which is the basis of Raynaud's most elaborate decor, also impresses with its warm white.
    The dishes appear casually as a variant Empire with its slightly conical basic forms. Filigree handles and a transparent shard point to the noble origin. Charming, the series...
  • Raynaud MineralRaynaud Mineral Wild and irregular like a rock face in the high Alps, the relief of the collection represents a new dimension for your table. The polarizing opposites of fine porcelain and the roughness as of a weathered stone unite to form an exciting picture full of surprises.
    The Mineral structure echoes...exclusive offer centerpiece n°1 our price: 150,00 €
  • GuyDegrenne Modulo BlancGuy Degrenne Modulo Blanc
  • Rosenthal MoonRosenthal Moon The British designer Jasper Morrison is one of the most outstanding representatives of a contemporary, puristic and functional design.
    His porcelain collection Moon of the Rosenthal studio-line convinces with its deliberately simple, soft and clear design. Moon is a porcelain set in the tradition...
  • SiegerbyFürstenberg My China! whiteSieger by Fürstenberg My China! white A range of variants, design and scope is almost unrivaled: a number of cups, bowls and plates offer this translucent dinnerware in three different basic forms: Cylindrical, conical or roundly curved as a coupe shape.
    The cosmos of My China is composed of over 80 single pieces, which make a...
  • GuyDegrenne Newport WhiteGuy Degrenne Newport White
  • Reichenbach Para MiNovelty Reichenbach Para Mi
  • Rosenthal Rosenthal Brillance WeißNovelty Rosenthal Rosenthal Brillance Weiß The fusion of traditional craftsmanship and advanced techniques has given birth to Brillance, a high-quality premium bone china collection that combines pure elegance with a modern aesthetic touch.
    Strength, radiance and brilliance give the collection the clarity that inspires its name.
  • GuyDegrenne SD One WhiteGuy Degrenne SD One White
  • GuyDegrenne Smoos WhiteGuy Degrenne Smoos White
  • Reichenbach Spira uniReichenbach Spira uni Culinary in fine smooth trains is the basic equipment for the further combination with the Spira family. Special plates with the mirrors designed in variants invite to present cookery works.
    Every creation here finds its own stage: white and concentrated on the gourmet pleasure. Nothing should stand...
  • Reichenbach Spira weissReichenbach Spira weiss The new culinary porcelain Spira is also characterized by mastery of color. A geometric-elegant stripe decoration in precious gold, platinum, black or white adorns the wide flag.
    In addition to its aesthetic appeal there was a demand of functionality, Spira has been created in cooperation with...

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