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Georg Jensen LogoGeorg Jensen Caravel cutlery in sterling

Georg Jensen Cactus cutlery

Georg Jensen Continental cutlery

The entire collection of Georg Jensen Caravel

Georg Jensen brand shop

Uniquely distinctive, elegance

concentrates on the triangular down-tapered basic shape. Like all works by Henning Koppel, the design is characterized by its timeless autonomy.

sterling silver highlights graceful

noblesse, captures light, which is modeling the facile seeming form. Each item in its own concept is the minimalist collection, a modern testimony of the art of silversmithing of the 20th century, handy and representative.

Sterling 925 sterling
knife type:
hollow handle

Light of the north flows through

the collections from Georg Jensen from Denmark, connects modern age and classicistic lines. Scandinavian design, integrity and authenticity characterise the work of

...Georg Jensen brand shop
design: Henning Koppel 1957
print version
single parts

single parts in sterling

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  • items
  • sauce ladle  Caravel sauce ladle Georg Jensen Caravel in Sterling 925 sterling
    length: 184 mm -
    520,00 €
    (tax free: 436,97€ )
  • potato spoon  Caravel potato spoon length: 218 mm -
    385,00 €
    (tax free: 323,53€ )
  • serving fork  Caravel serving fork length: 210 mm -
    320,00 €
    (tax free: 268,91€ )
  • dinner knife hollow handle  Caravel dinner knife hollow handle Caravel length: 220 mm -
    245,00 €
    (tax free: 205,88€ )
  • dinner spoon  Caravel dinner spoon in Sterling 925 sterling
    length: 195 mm -
    230,00 €
    (tax free: 193,28€ )
  • dinner fork  Caravel dinner fork Georg Jensen length: 188 mm -
    230,00 €
    (tax free: 193,28€ )
  • dessert spoon  Caravel dessert spoon Caravel length: 174 mm -
    205,00 €
    (tax free: 172,27€ )
  • dessert fork  Caravel dessert fork length: 172 mm -
    205,00 €
    (tax free: 172,27€ )
  • dessert knife hollow handle  Caravel dessert knife hollow handle in Sterling 925 sterling
    length: 194 mm -
    205,00 €
    (tax free: 172,27€ )
  • fish knife  Caravel fish knife Caravel length: 200 mm -
    205,00 €
    (tax free: 172,27€ )
  • fish fork Georg Jensen Caravel fish fork Georg Jensen
    205,00 €
    (tax free: 172,27€ )
  • teaspoon  Caravel teaspoon length: 150 mm -
    180,00 €
    (tax free: 151,26€ )
  • childrens fork  Caravel childrens fork Caravel in Sterling 925 sterling
    length: 144 mm -
    180,00 €
    (tax free: 151,26€ )
  • pastry fork  Caravel pastry fork length: 144 mm -
    160,00 €
    (tax free: 134,45€ )
  • serving fork small  Caravel serving fork small length: 150 mm -
    155,00 €
    (tax free: 130,25€ )
  • coffee spoon  Caravel coffee spoon Georg Jensen Caravel length: 123 mm -
    140,00 €
    (tax free: 117,65€ )
  • mocha spoon  Caravel mocha spoon in Sterling 925 sterling
    130,00 €
    (tax free: 109,24€ )
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This cutlery is made out of

massive Sterling 925 real silver . Since pure silver is a quite soft material, Caravel includes 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. On base of massive silver ornaments and decors can be worked out precisely. The quality is guaranteed by the assaying and from Georg Jensen.

Georg Jensen Caravel has knives

with a hollow handle. Knives with a hollow handle have a blade of special steel which is clearly sharper than a blade from an simple chrome steel. The high-quality hollow handle knives are always composed from two parts, with this cutlery from the blade and the handle from sterling. Georg Jensen Caravel in sterling is highly polished. The extraordinary cutlery offers the mostly required supplement parts: from sauce ladle to mocha spoon, from childrens fork to teaspoon .

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Henning Koppel

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