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Since 1953, Salam has been

a classic by Guy Degrenne. A simple shape and shiny stainless steel make this teapot a real eye-catcher. The integrated tea strainer makes tea preparation a children's game and the thermoeffect allows you to enjoy long hot tea: a must for every tea lover.

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The Salam teapot is exhibited

in New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), one of the world's most important and influential collections of modern as well as contemporary art. In the last few years, the product family has been steadily expanded and now includes the matching teacups alongside cream jugs and sugar cans. The salam teapot is available in four different sizes plus in red and matte black. Consistently Guy Degrenne presents limited editions of this model.


This dinnerware is made from

hard Porcelain which is composed from kaolin, feldspar and quartz. Salam is highly polished and is finished with a shiny glaze. The prestigious, timeless dinnerware offers the mostly required supplement parts - from teapot cups to cups INFUSEUR, from cups INFUSEUR to teapot cups.


French dining culture for

all the world . Modern and inventive, uncomplicated and always with a special kick - since the foundation in 1948 Guy Degrenne had the aim to revolutionise the dining culture in France.

Guy Degrenne, coming from a smith's

family, took over his family business in the Normandy after the Second World War and founded from it his own new enterprise. During the lean postwar years he began to build up a production for cutleries with the few available possibilities and used the material which was still available: the first cutleries were produced of the steel of the tanks which were left in Normandy.

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