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Our brands cutlery

Paul Wirths

Paul Wirths cutleryPaul Wirths cutlery

The highest demands of the international market are met by the company Paul Wirths since 1926.
To meet these high demands, the company PAUL WIRTHS GmbH & Co.



Puiforcat cutleryPuiforcat cutlery

This family cutler, founded in Paris in 1820 by Emile Puiforcat and his two cousins, owes most of its renown to Jean Puiforcat, from the fourth generation of the family, who was to write the most beautiful pages of its history almost a century later, and would establish the company in the avant-garde of modern silverwork.


Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen cutleryGeorg Jensen cutlery

Light of the north flows through the collections from Georg Jensen from Denmark, connects modern age and classicistic lines.


Robbe & Berking

Robbe & Berking cutleryRobbe & Berking cutlery

Prestigiously and generously, however, with a lot of love and attention for the details. So products of Robbe & Berking can be described probably the best.



Christofle cutleryChristofle cutlery

Silver of Christofle connects like no other luxury and spirit of the times. The flatware, hollowware and pieces of art are created on the basis of unconditional will to the renewal under observance of the highest quality.



Topázio cutleryTopázio cutlery

The baroque air of the secret capital of Portugal. In all collections of Topazio we recognize the style elements of the Portuguese baroque.



Ercuis cutleryErcuis cutlery

A brilliant name among the French silversmiths. The manufacture Ercuis founded in the 19th century makes beside the traditional cutleries with French air extremely winning and elegant jewels in combinations with exotic woods and semiprecious stones.


Wilkens & Söhne

Wilkens & Söhne cutleryWilkens & Söhne cutlery

Silver and cutleries from Bremen of the silver manufacture Wilkens can be very nicely combined with a less luxurious life style as well.


Koch & Bergfeld

Koch & Bergfeld cutleryKoch & Bergfeld cutlery

Cutlery of Koch & Bergfeld unparalleled illustrates the style history of the cutleries, a stylistically at ease choice of excellent models in precise processing from more than 180 years of company history.


Gebrueder Reiner

Gebrueder Reiner cutleryGebrueder Reiner cutlery

Lovable details make the difference between industrial bulk goods and high-quality cutlery from the brothers Reiner factory.



Pott cutleryPott cutlery

Reduced to fundamentals: There are things, they are designed from the outset so well that they never again must be changed.


Sonja Quandt

Sonja Quandt cutlerySonja Quandt cutlery

A stylish appearance illuminates the selected silver ware with glamour of its eponym.
The legacy of the cutlery models is undoubtedly precisely elaborated and completed lovingly with many details.



Berndorf cutleryBerndorf cutlery

High-quality design and functional equipment. The history the Berndorf cutlery has become in Europe a synonym for long-lasting respectable eating tools, with a modern range which does not deny his K.


Guy Degrenne

Guy Degrenne cutleryGuy Degrenne cutlery

French dining culture for all the world . Modern and inventive, uncomplicated and always with a special kick - since the foundation in 1948 Guy Degrenne had the aim to revolutionise the dining culture in France.



Stelton cutleryStelton cutlery

Stelton represents a special view of the world - we call it "a Stelton state of mind": to believe in surprising, innovative, clearly functional and high quality Scandinavian design.


Picard & Wielpuetz

Picard & Wielpuetz cutleryPicard & Wielpuetz cutlery

From traditional manufacturer to up-to-date modern cutlery production. May well summarize the more than 75 years of history that is Picard & Wielpuetzis looking back on.



Sambonet cutlerySambonet cutlery

Elegant Italian lines and big gestures shape the picture of Sambonet. For over 150 years the North-Italian enterprise delivers cutleries and hollowware already even for the dukes and princes of Genoa and Turin.



mono cutlerymono cutlery

Tradition without the flourish.
For over forty years the name mono has been the paradigm of a form language, in which aesthetics and function compliment one another while totally renouncing any hint of superfluous décor.



Versace cutleryVersace cutlery

When two powerful forces like Versace and Rosenthal meet, only the extraordinary can happen!
Rosenthal with its international reputation for uniting tradition and innovation, and Versace, with its own inimitable and expressive style, have developed tremendously elegant, luxurious and exciting tableware and gift collections.


Carl Mertens

Carl Mertens cutleryCarl Mertens cutlery

For decades now we have devoted our efforts to manufacturing tableware. During this period we have continuously refined the details of elegant knives, forks, spoons and their many relatives.


Zwilling J.A.Henckels

Zwilling J.A.Henckels cutleryZwilling J.A.Henckels cutlery

There is a lot to be said about Zwilling J.A.Henckels: about the long tradition of true Zwilling J.A.


Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch cutleryVilleroy & Boch cutlery

Villeroy & Boch, more than any other premium brand, is deeply rooted in European culture. And, as only such a great brand is capable of doing, it has managed to preserve its identity, at the same moving with the times.



BSF cutleryBSF cutlery

Young and funky, purist and timeless or classic and stylish: tastes obviously differ - just like the great designs from BSF.



Auerhahn cutleryAuerhahn cutlery

Das Besteck!
ist viel mehr als kultiviertes Handwerkszeug zur Nahrungsaufnahme. Auerhahn ist zeitgeistige und zeitlose Esskultur für jeden Tag.


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