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Traditional French silverware

and modern cutlery with a kick. Guy Degrenne offers of a comprehensive assortment in stainless steel cutleries which can satisfy a lot of wishes.

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18 patterns

The founder of the factory

started in 1948 with the aim each French family should own at least two cutleries of Guy Degrenne. Statistically speaking, in the course of the years he succeeded in this. The cutlery of Degrenne became very popular. Aside the excellently dimensioned silverware in traditional French style Guy Degrenne steadily develops new modern cutleries which meets the spirit of the times and the present lifestyle. As the biggest European manufacturer of cutleries Guy Degrenne affords new creations which are consistently prominent in design and function. One of the last landmarks in stainless steel flatware is the pattern XY, a design which is far away from the traditional expectations. The spoons and forks are multifunctional - the spoons, for example, a hybrid of spatula, stirrer and spoon - and the whole is available with various different surfaces in PVD coating too. Absolutely special is XY coated in PVD black or PVD bronze. Another landmark in the younger history of the company is the pattern Serenity, one of the first models which has a knife which can stand upright on his knife edge, like a sort of built-in knife rest. The high gloss polished cutlery with its luxuriant material thickness of 6 mm lies extremely well in the hand. But of course there are the cutleries of Guy Degrenne in stainless steel not only with polished finish. The designers of the house also love to play with different structures, like the undulated surface of Astree Ciselé, the waffle pattern handles of Guest Star or the decoration of Solstice swing - Vire in France is into making cutlery with a certain extra. In addition to these modern cutleries one of the prominent models of the last years is the pattern Absolu. It looks like a scale tang cutlery with inserted front parts with the spoons and forks, however, this model is totally forged from stainless steel in a luxuriant material thickness. This pattern matches well to the country-house style and is already for years one of the most popular cutleries of Guy Degrenne. The cutleries Lutece, Verlaine and Beau Manoir which are for decades deep-seated in the French dining-culture by their luxuriant size and traditional proportions need no extra spotlight. These three cutleries have high-quality hollow handle knives which are workmanly made with the norman brand. These patterns are offered in different sets which mostly also contain the dessert cutleries. On account of the size of the cutlery - a table knife of Lutece e.g. has s length of approx. 25 cm - the included dessert size is welcome for the everyday use; they enhance the variability of the cutlery - from an informal snack up to the perfectly set dining-table – a lot. Guy Degrenne sat himself the target to become popular with his products, and he succeeded: This assortment meets the spirit of our time.



Stainless steel of home products is an alloy of steel, chrome and nickel which is dishwasher safe and resistant to corrosion by light organic and inorganic acids and water. To the cleaned steel the elements chrome (Cr) and nickel (Ni) are added and provide the corrosion resistance and the softer shine which can be noticed on closer inspection. High-grade steel - stainless steel can also contain other elements like molybdenum, vanadium and other more, however, common 18/10 steels with 18% of chrome and 10% of nickel is very popular. For low demands 18/0 steel is offered which contains no nickel and is notably less corrosion-resistant  and shining.

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