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Sonja Quandt LogoSonja Quandt cutlery in silver plated and sterling silver

Sambonet stainless 18/10 cutleries

Stelton cutleries

  • Sonja Quandt cutlery in silver plated and sterling silver
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  • cutleries silver plated

    Cutleries silver plated

    The exclusive silver plating in 150g promises a long life, with which also the most unusual patterns in the selected assortment can be delivered.
    From German production and its quality promise the silver-plated models convinces at festivities as well...

    silver plated
  • cutleries sterling silver

    Cutleries sterling silver

    Massive silver is the material from which valuable family cutlery is made of.
    The traditionally fitted collections promise a long-lasting pleasure in the sophisticated models - stylistically unpretentious for the coming decades, but always with an...

    sterling silver
Sonja Quandt cutlery
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Art Nouveau Avantgarde Baguette Bauhaus Deco Style Jagd Palmette Spaten Vendôme Waves
silver plated
    sterling silver

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