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When mono-a was introduced

in 1959, it heralded a new era. The tableware industry had never seen anything like it before – a design that radically rejected all superfluous elements. It was the end of traditional “Gemütlichkeit”. At the forefront was design. mono-a unleashed strong emotions, ranging from total rejection to overwhelming enthusiasm. For the diehard there is also mono-e the special edition with riveted ebony handles. This fine wood offers a distinctive contrast to the sleek stainless steel.

18/10 stainless
knife type:
scale tang

Tradition without the flourish.

/>For over forty years the name mono has been the paradigm of a form language, in which aesthetics and function compliment one another while totally renouncing any

...mono brand shop

design: Peter Raacke 1960
Made in Germany
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complete sets

complete sets in stainless

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  • table set 04 pcs mono mono-e in 18 /10 stainless:
    •   1 table spoon
    •   1 table fork
    •   1 table knife scale tang
    •   1 coffee spoon.
    215,00 €
    (tax free: 180,67€ )
single parts

single parts in stainless

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  • table spoon  mono-e table spoon mono-e length: 213 mm -
    54,00 €
    (tax free: 45,38€ )
  • table fork  mono-e table fork mono mono-e in 18 /10 stainless
    length: 207 mm -
    54,00 €
    (tax free: 45,38€ )
  • table knife scale tang  mono-e table knife scale tang mono-e length: 223 mm -
    68,00 €
    (tax free: 57,14€ )
  • dessert spoon  mono-e dessert spoon mono mono-e in 18 /10 stainless
    length: 184 mm -
    50,00 €
    (tax free: 42,02€ )
  • dessert knife scale tang  mono-e dessert knife scale tang mono-e length: 205 mm -
    66,00 €
    (tax free: 55,46€ )
  • coffee spoon  mono-e coffee spoon mono mono-e in 18 /10 stainless
    length: 150 mm -
    45,00 €
    (tax free: 37,82€ )
  • pastry fork  mono-e pastry fork mono-e length: 182 mm -
    50,00 €
    (tax free: 42,02€ )

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This cutlery is made from

18/10 high-grade steel in Germany. stainless steel is an alloy of steel, chrome and nickel which is used preferentially with quality cutlery. Chrome and nickel provide for the corrosion resistance and the softer shine which can be noticed on closer inspection. The steel of this cutlery includes 18% chrome and 10% nickel and is dishwasher safe and resistant against light acids and waters.

mono mono-e has knives with

a scale tang. The scale tang knife of this series is made like a cooks knife: The handle is formed by two jaws from other material which cover the lower part of the blade of blade steel from the front and behind. mono mono-e in stainless is matte. The timeless cutlery has only some additional parts: from table knife scale tang to coffee spoon, from coffee spoon to table spoon .

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