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Ercuis delivers cutlery in

silver plated from his workshop since the end of the 19th century.

We continue working but the situation of the internal health protection as well as the situation of our manufacturers might delay your delivery. Thank you for understanding!

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17 patterns

Many of traditional French

cutleries on a German silver core with a strong silver coating, besides some pattern which are emblematic for Ercuis: unobstrusive adaptations of Art Deco cutlery and reminiscences to the Renaissance, like with the cutlery Ercuis Brantôme, Sequoia and Nil. All cutleries fit by their generous dimension well to modern dinnerware dimensions, but at the same time they are very handy by their slender shape and their filigree appearance.

As well as the cutleries in sterling

silver, all models in silver plated can be complemented, especially of course the classical, with the traditional French knife with round handle, called 'Turenne'. These knives are named after the village of the same name with the medieval castle, by the way, one of the nicest villages of France. All cutlery parts with a hollow handle are available alternatively as 'a Turenne', so not only dessert-and table knife, the butter spreader but also the carving set and the pie knife.

Like with all products of Ercuis

the range of cutlery in silver plated is orientated at a comprehensive equipment of a dinner table which leaves no wish unfulfilled.



Silvered objects do not differ optically from massively silver ones. The silver plating is a galvanised surface which is applied on a core from base material like steel, alpaca (German silver) or bronze. Steel is used especially for cutlery from great serial productions which can be produced cost-efficient. We find bronze particularly with candelabras and hollowware, while German silver with high-quality silver plated cutlery. Alpaca is an alloy of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and zinc (Zn) and with his qualities similar to pure silver (Ag). Luxurious decors can be exact executed with this base material. The surface is galvanised with silver which quality is given in gramme per 12 table forks and table spoons - which are accepted with 24 dm². Then there occur names as 90, 100, 150, 180, with or without other additions. This designation mainly is use in Germany, objects of other origin have another - or none - name of the silver layer.

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