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Guy Degrenne LogoGuy Degrenne Guest cutlery in PVD Copper

Guy Degrenne XY cutlery

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Guy Degrenne brand shop
PVD Copper
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French dining culture for

all the world . Modern and inventive, uncomplicated and always with a special kick - since the foundation in 1948 Guy Degrenne had the aim to revolutionise the dining

...Guy Degrenne brand shop
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complete sets

complete sets in PVD Copper

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  • table set 24 pcs Guy Degrenne Guest Guy Degrenne Guest in PVD Copper:
    •   6 table spoon
    •   6 table fork
    •   6 table knife monobloc
    •   6 coffee spoon.
    390,00 €
    (tax free: 327,73€ )
single parts

single parts in PVD Copper

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  • table spoon  Guest table spoon Guy Degrenne Guest in PVD Copper
    length: 216 mm -
    12 pcs 222,00 €
    (tax free: 186,55€ )
  • table fork  Guest table fork Guy Degrenne Guest in PVD Copper
    12 pcs 222,00 €
    (tax free: 186,55€ )
  • table knife monobloc  Guest table knife monobloc Guy Degrenne Guest in PVD Copper
    12 pcs 336,00 €
    (tax free: 282,35€ )
  • coffee spoon  Guest coffee spoon Guy Degrenne Guest in PVD Copper
    length: 143 mm -
    12 pcs 144,00 €
    (tax free: 121,01€ )

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This cutlery is produced

of high-grade steel and afterwards is vaporized with the cupreous surface (PVD copper). The layer which is achieved with PVP (physical vapour deposition) is extremely thin, but very resistant.

Guy Degrenne Guest has knives

with a monobloc. Monobloc knives are made out of one piece of chrome steel free of nickel. With these knives no joint is visible between blade and handle. Guy Degrenne Guest in PVD Copper is highly polished. The functional, appealing cutlery offers the mostly required supplement parts: from table knife monobloc to coffee spoon, from coffee spoon to table spoon .

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