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Pott cutleries are characterised

by consistent design and big functionality. Carl Pott, son of the company founder, gave more than 50 years distinction to the manufacture with his straight design .

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12 patterns

The manufacture Pott is decisively

shaped by Carl Pott - master of his field and inspired from Bauhaus and Deutscher Werkbund . With the stainless steel cutleries designs by him are represented from the fifties up to the works of his late time end of the seventies. And how far he was ahead of his time the history of the Pott 22 shows impressively. The pattern was made already in 1955 and became worldwide famous 17 years. Pott 22 with his shape of chestnut leaves was selected as the flatware of the Olympic Games in Munich 1972. And the most popular design was made by Carl Pott not until 1975 and was produced with the number 33: Parallel lines and the fork equipped with five prongs are the characteristic feature this of this draught. Unusually the small groove, the small notch at the end of the handle which finish the design at the lower end. Today this successful design made in sterling silver as well as in stainless steel 18/10.

And the pattern 35 is shaped

quite similar. Created in 1979 as a commissioned work for the donation to the Cologne council-silver (Kölner Ratssilber) and the use of forms was reduced once again: Again he decides for a five pronged forks, an element which was later taken up by other designers as for example Wolfgang Karnagel as well. The handles are shaped again absolutely in parallel, but, in contrast to Mod. 33 clearly more wide and flat. The small notch at the end of the handle like with the model 33 - which forms the right angle to the parallel sides is not necessary any more: The ends are just cut off. According to the motive of the order the width of the cutlery is representative and brings in the version in stainless steel the material with the matt brushed finish to bear. Nevertheless, beside the majority in prominent designs by Carl Pott there's still place with the stainless steel cutleries for an other creator, like the designer Ralph Krämer. Ralph Krämer, known by his design for the company mono and Robbe & Berking, combines the functionality of the Pott cutleries with soft fluent shapes. In cooperation with the son of Carl Pott, Hannspeter Pott, he originated 41 Bon Dia and the matching child cutlery Bonito. Ergonomics and functionality, elegance and the typical workmanship gives this pattern a place under the most popular cutleries of the manufacture Pott.

Today the cutlery manufacture

is also dedicated again to the products of the first years of the brand, to the knives. In cooperation with the TV cook Sarah Wiener the manufacture develops knives, just like the cutleries: With the highest processing quality and ergonomics. And Pott cutleries are a fixture of the dining culture above all fashions.



Stainless steel of home products is an alloy of steel, chrome and nickel which is dishwasher safe and resistant to corrosion by light organic and inorganic acids and water. To the cleaned steel the elements chrome (Cr) and nickel (Ni) are added and provide the corrosion resistance and the softer shine which can be noticed on closer inspection. High-grade steel - stainless steel can also contain other elements like molybdenum, vanadium and other more, however, common 18/10 steels with 18% of chrome and 10% of nickel is very popular. For low demands 18/0 steel is offered which contains no nickel and is notably less corrosion-resistant  and shining.

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