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Conscious of their tradition

- and ready for experiments, nobly and suitably for everyday life. The dishes of Reichenbach porcelain can be all that at the same time. The company works together with some well known designers, and has produced different interesting design lines.  

  • Berge
  • Blue Flou
  • Bold Graphic 17 The pleasures of summer on a rural table, the dishes of Paola Navone invites with its lush floral decor to the feast. The joy of life determines the picture and it can also be eaten with the hands.
    Blurred blue in tendrills cover the plates and cups beyond their borders, the boundaries are fluid...
  • Colour Gold Colour create the need to mix the colours. Colorful like a bagful of sweets the palette spreads out in intense colours and different shapes which reaches from primrose-yellow to bold blue, from Biedermeier period to Mid-Century. Nevertheless, his alone is not the prominent sign of Colour. ...
  • Colour Goldlinie The double golden edge as the only decoration allows the idea of combined forms from different periods of the manufactory that came to light. The varying cups and plates are connected by the uniform ornamentation. Goldlinie is an ideal partner to Colour Poliergold which sets opulent accents for this...
  • Colour I Blau Violet Blue is one of the outstanding colors of this series. On all parts of this collection you will find the color spotted with the hand and finished with a gold border. The shapes of jugs, bowls, salt and pepper shakers till plates and breakfast boards leave nothing to be desired. Our favorite...
  • Colour I Flieder Charming feminine. Lilac gold is decorated with a laminar, dabbed decoration in a purple lilac shade. Tea cup, teapot, plate or breakfast cup, all parts are decorated with it and invite to combine these with other colors from the series: A lilac coffee mug with a violet plate, a turquoise demitasse...
  • Reichenbach Colour I Gelb A real joker under the colors of the Colour-family is the sun-yellow. With its powerful radiance, the all-rounder is an opponent to dark blue or bordeaux and transforms pastel tones into springy ensembles.
    The conical shapes of the Mid-Century look particularly fresh and give an invigorating...
  • Colour I Grau
  • Colour I Grün Green is one of the most incredible colors in this series. The combination of traditional forms with this fresh spring color gives the impression of Alice in Wonderland. Apple green belongs to the elaborately dabbed colors of the Thuringian porcelain manufactory.
    With the great experience in...
  • Colour I Türkis Colour create the need to mix the colours. Colorful like a bagful of sweets the palette spreads out in intense colours and different shapes which reaches from primrose-yellow to bold blue, from Biedermeier period to Mid-Century. Nevertheless, his alone is not the prominent sign of Colour. ...
  • Colour I Violett Just because it reminds of the famous pink of a doll's house, the pink roughs up many colors of the collection.
    With Color I Lilac and Turquoise the pink blends to a colorful summer bouquet, with the violet blue and china blue to a serious society. The color is a playful element especially on the...
  • In strong brick red, offset with a dark brushstroke and gold, the variety of colors of Colour III Bernstein of the collection Gerd Sommerlades. Color pigments are dabbed with the hand, a wide golden border of polished gold completes the decor, applied with the brush and then polished out by...
  • Colour III Bordeaux Colour create the need to mix the colours. Colorful like a bagful of sweets the palette spreads out in intense colours and different shapes which reaches from primrose-yellow to bold blue, from Biedermeier period to Mid-Century. Nevertheless, his alone is not the prominent sign of Colour. ...
  • Colour III Königsblau A bit serious and almost in a navy blue suit are the dishes in traditional color combination of Reichenbach: polished gold and china blue. The very even color application and the contrasting appearance together with Color Gold classic look very fancy on the table.
    The combination with bright...
  • Reichenbach Colour III Petrol A deep tone in harmony with the multicolored series is the rich fir-tree green of Petrol. The dark color is a delightful opponent to turquoise and violet.
  • Colour IV Grau Anthracite with a cool edge of polished silver, the color combination is masculine and an opponent to the numerous pastel tones of the design collection by Gerd Sommerlade.
    Mid-Century shapes get a new face, classics of the 30s change their character, a joker in the interplay of color and...
  • Colour Raspberry
  • Colour Silberrand Magically alive enchants genuine silver with a very light touch of nostalgia and morbidity.
    Virgin white the double silver border is shining. Charm is given to the design idea by the natural process, which makes the precious metal tarnish. Obviously removeable, but morbid noblesse, that nobles...
  • Colour Sylt Blau Breezily chromaticity and a little light of the north conjure up lightness. Laminar sky blue, set off with a dark blue border, reminds us of the northern expanse.
    Bit by bit by craftsmanship the rural character of this kitchenware under the experienced hands of the porcelain painters in Thuringia...
  • Colour Sylt Flieder
  • Colour Sylt Grün
  • Colour Sylt Türkis
  • Reichenbach Colour Sylt Violett A relating to a trade masterly performance is the collection Colour Sylt. The color is applied by hand, which makes every piece unique. With the colorful design Gerd Sommerlade has been inspired by the classic designs from about 1800. It’s the china ensemble gets its modern charisma by the...
  • Eggs Afro The exotic porcelain series will take you and your guests into a different world. The classic black and white decor combines the high functionality, variety in form and color and individual combinability.
    For dipping, serving or presenting - with this porcelain series you have the right tableware...
  • Fineline Fineline complements the porcelian series Reichenbach Color. The modern form of the series is underlined by the discreet yet clear gold lines. Two partners that complement each other are Color Gold and Fineline, also in combination with the dark colors petrol, bordeaux and royal blue. The collection...
  • Fish & Flower
  • Hombroich Strict geometry works through its harmonious proportions. The dishes and cylindrical bowls are the perfect accompaniment for culinary delicacies, unexpectedly hidden in small boxes, opulent arrangements presented on impressive try-sized plates.
    Staggered in diameter, seven different sizes can be...
  • New Baroque Light Blue Famous tradition with Italian verve dismantled, Paola Navone presents her concept of baroque opulence. Unlike Taste white, it does not override the forms but leaves them in the traditional canon of the porcelain manufactory.
    Glazed surfaces alternate with rough bisquite porcelain, emphasizing...
  • New Baroque Silver Shiny Under the label Paola Navone per Reichenbach appeared the dishes of the New Baroque – Silver Shiny. This service relies on the lively contrast between the velvety rough, unglazed pieces and a rich hand painted platinum color.
  • Nomus A cylindrical classic in a new guise: the asymmetrical arrangement of the mirror and the vertically raised edge underline the strict and straight-lined contour, glossy glazing in three different colors contrasting with unglazed surfaces of the biscuit porcelain.
    Emphasizes handcrafted details...
  • Reichenbach OTTO The octagon in white and black, striking and unambiguous, forms the basis of the small collection. The geometric body has already been introduced by Paola Navone in the canon of shapes with Taste White and is one of the archetypes of the Italian designer.
    The conical shape accentuates with black...
  • Ovalotto Archaic reduced to the simplest: platters, plates with a slightly raised edge, which gives the view on its massive material thickness.
    After Paola Navone has pushed the baroque theme to the top with the Taste White in various variations, she devotes herself to the greatest possible regression...
  • Palau The loose sketched drawings of the marine animals, singly or as swarms, are rich in nuances in blue. Structures alternate with smooth contours, while matte cut-outs form a charming contrast to glossy glazing. A gloomy azure reminiscent of façades and Portuguese palaces with a view on the Atlanic....
  • Para Mi
  • Porzellini Grün Colorful and playful, the motifs look friendly into the world and offer children and their parents always something new to discover.
    Isn`t there a small caterpillar next to the butterfly? Does the frog have a pair of pants? The designer, who works in a creative promotion facility, has brought...
  • Spira gold Striking dishes and a decor with certain haptics. Spira combines contemporary design with high functionality.
    A collection that meets every day the highest demands of professionals and gourmets. With the broadly applied precious metal the perfect staging of culinary highlights is guaranteed.
  • Spira platin Dull and shiny in the subtle change, emphasized by opulent platinum on a fine relief: The gourmet collection Spira is richer by some splendor. Filigree haptics in contrast to lush silver make the dishes a perfect setting for culinary creations not only for professionals, as an individual piece as...
  • Spira schwarz Like a zebra in irregular black and white stripes, the culinary series presents itself in this variant. Easily superior and almost touched with the fingertips, the decor is also a sensation for the haptics. Especially eye-candy is the dramatic combination with items of the golden sister of the Spira...
  • Reichenbach Spira uni Culinary in fine smooth trains is the basic equipment for the further combination with the Spira family. Special plates with the mirrors designed in variants invite to present cookery works.
    Every creation here finds its own stage: white and concentrated on the gourmet pleasure. Nothing should stand...
  • Spira weiss The new culinary porcelain Spira is also characterized by mastery of color. A geometric-elegant stripe decoration in precious gold, platinum, black or white adorns the wide flag.
    In addition to its aesthetic appeal there was a demand of functionality, Spira has been created in cooperation with...
  • Stripes
  • Taste Blaurand
  • Taste Blue
  • Taste Gold II
  • Taste Gold III
  • Taste Step Gold
  • Reichenbach Taste Step Gold II Stylized baroque and wide gold decor unite to a fun-loving style mix. Paola Navone's decor on Taste White traces the edges of the scissors-like curves.
    A plausible complement to the other members of this series of dishes, which does not baulk at the encounter with the Hirschkäfer from Spring...
  • Taste White
  • children's dinnerware Porzellini Blau Friendly and colorful is the world of the creator of Porzellini, at least if one believes his drawings. In the photo it is shown together with the spoon of Piccolino.
    The five different motifs and four colors make it difficult to beat the variety of the children's porcelain. The giraffe with a...

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What they all have in common

is the connection of Thuringian Porcelain tradition with the claims of a modern lifestyle. The history of the brand begins in 1830 as a foundation of some porcelain painters in Thuringa. At the middle of the 19th century in Thuringia there was already a wide sphere for chinaware: in the periods of bloom there were in the different dukedoms in Thuringia more than 400 porcelain factories together. Of course this porcelain had to be decorated and this was made also in the small thuringinan town. Around the turn of the century the manufacture established then his own factory for white porcelain to produce not only the decoration, but independently also the porcelain forms.

The company became a porcelain

manufacture which  defines itself as a well-ground crafts enterprise. Certainly you have had already in your hands once a piece of Reichenbach without having recognised that this is produced in this small factory in Thuringia. The company produced in his past till this day also products which are marketed under other brands name. This enables to the company to use the modern production line and to develop the production engineering and the know-how on and on. By the relatively late foundation of the porcelain manufacture we find with Reichenbach mainly forms of the prevailing taste of the 20th century. Started with neobaroque forms - which at times very successfully were exported - as well as forms of the New Objectivity and from porcelain of the seventies years.

Only after the turn of the millennium

the manufacture and his designers have succeeded in letting arise absolutely new product lines with the existing fund of the forms and the technical skill of his employees: as the most prominent example of this cooperation the far-reaching series Colour originated in 2006 with Gerd Sommerlade: a mixture of the forms of the Biedermeier period, the Neue Sachlichkeit, the forties years and Mid-Century has tied together by Gerd Sommerlade with the generous application of colour and wide golden edge. The careful choice of the forms and colours make this coloured mixture a harmonious ensemble. An arrangement which can adapt itself with his noble charisma even completely to the today's life style. And the combinations are as varied as the needs. A dramatic Burgundy red might be combined with a whole-golden cup, tender lilac or violet tones with springlike green or yellow: the scene can completely adapt itself to the respective occasion.

The Italian designer Paola Navone

has chosen quite an other beginning. On the far developed form baroque which was typically for the Thuringian porcelain factories last century, she has sketched several decors which dismantles this play by the middle-class forms. The most incredible example of this work is the series New Baroque in silver Shiny or Light Blue. For both designs the moulds of the form baroque were pushed off so far that with the ready piece the attempts of the mould are still to be seen. And enough: Paola Navone has resolved to let glaze the parts only a half - as a balance for this raw treatment she gave to the model Silver Shiny a luxuriant layer of platinum on the glaze. The result is a tableware and coffee crockery with which partially of the unglazed shards is to be seen, on the other side, however, again the noblest brilliant platinum shines. Paola Navone has designed on this form even more decors which generously pass about the fragmentation of the form.

Quite a special masterstroke

is the design Taste which was also made according to her draughts. Also here she plays by the forms of the baroque. However, here these seem almost like a caricature: the plates seem almost two-dimensional, the edges strongly low-cut like a scissors cut and from the side seen the plate flags stand off in the right corner as if they had been drawn by a Cartoonist. This model is probably best known from the series Paola Navone desinged for this brand.

But specially just for the culinary art

and catering the absolutely new designs of Metz and Kindler and BlohnGumm are interesting. The designs completely are like a stage for the culinary art. Like several designs for which the brand like to catch up the advice of star-decorated cooks. Reichenbach porcelain has a thrilling programme, while new and above all unusual one is to be discovered over and over again.


Reichenbach looks back at

a tradition as a Porcelain manufacture in which the painting on porcelain is in the foreground.
Already founded in 1830 as a decoration workshop followed later by the construction of own porcelain manufacture.
Till today the arts and crafts sets tone in Reichenbach.

Colourful decorations and valuable

precious metal plating made the good reputation over the frontiers in the past.

Today the Thuringian manufacture

has succeeded in introducing the competence of the traditional brand in the today's life style.
Designers like, among the rest, Paola Navone, Gerd Sommerlade and Metz und Kindler could be won, to connect the tradition with modern claims to quite incredible, fresh and self confident design.

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