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Brillance - Rosenthal Selection:

Flat surface meets a spherical curve Flat surface meets a spherical curve, emitting a feeling of creative tension.

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The alluring interplay of

two perfect geometries – that is the idea behind Brillance. And bone china is particularly well-suited for this range as the material not only has a translucent, warm shine, but the thin material also brings together flat surfaces and spherical elements to create a single shape – just like with the jugs, cups and small bowls that appear to be floating above the table. However, the collection’s different plates constitute the design highlight. They are available as coupe plates with extra-wide rims or slightly dipped reflective surfaces. They combine a minimalist design with handcrafted perfection in the most beautiful of ways.


Brillance Ligne d'Argent

is finished with a shiny glaze. The decoration is from platinum. The timeless dinnerware has only some additional parts - coffee pot, coffee pot.

Hallmark  Rosenthal

Hallmark Rosenthal


Innovation and tradition form

a unique breeding ground from which Rosenthal has developed. It is now one of the leading international suppliers of contemporary table and living culture.

Over decades, Rosenthal has always

remained alive and fascinating, united and motivated by the desire to create the best in design in every era - "what is original in our time". Get to know more about the world of brands within a world brand. Let yourself be inspired by our products, make a present of sheer delight and embellish you personal home.

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