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cutleries in stainless steel the nicest ones have been selected by Sambonet for the galvanic silver plating.

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25 patterns

Reminiscences to the beginnings

Sambonet in the 19th century are represented here just as the classics from twenties and thirties of the last century and the slender Italian design of the last decades - for which the brand is so famous. In 1938 Sambonet began with the production of cutleries from stainless steel and the galvanisation of steel cutleries and soon became market-leading. The silver plating of steel was a novelty in the thirties of the last century – traditionally it was silver plated on Alpaca like Sambonet makes it with his patterns of the Classic Edition even today. The enterprise from Orfengo belongs to the companies in Europe which have collected the longest experience with this procedure. This is a possibility to produce silver cutleries of the steel cutleries of the serial productions with manageable expenses.

All high-quality classical cutleries

of Sambonet – like Perles and Rome - the designs of the 20s and 30s Baguette and Gió Ponti, as well as a whole series of top patterns with the famous elegant Italian design are silver plated. Also cutleries with a monobloc knife can be made in silver finish. The big difference to the cutleries from 18/10 stainless steel is the soft silver shine which the silverware get by the galvanic silvering - and thanks to innovative technology from Sambonet at an attractive price.

The pattern Imagine, Linea Q

or the topical model Twist, the difference to the surface of the polished steel in evidence. The silver plated cutlery Imagine in his luxuriant material strength and handle-ends like framing the dinner-plate or the straightness of the architectural lines of Linea Q get an additional unobtrusive soft shine.



Silvered objects do not differ optically from massively silver ones. The silver plating is a galvanised surface which is applied on a core from base material like steel, alpaca (German silver) or bronze. Steel is used especially for cutlery from great serial productions which can be produced cost-efficient. We find bronze particularly with candelabras and hollowware, while German silver with high-quality silver plated cutlery. Alpaca is an alloy of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and zinc (Zn) and with his qualities similar to pure silver (Ag). Luxurious decors can be exact executed with this base material. The surface is galvanised with silver which quality is given in gramme per 12 table forks and table spoons - which are accepted with 24 dm². Then there occur names as 90, 100, 150, 180, with or without other additions. This designation mainly is use in Germany, objects of other origin have another - or none - name of the silver layer.

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