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Italian elegance and opulent

Mediterranean baroque. Sambonet is able to do everything what is made from stainless steel and even a little bit more: new interesting surfaces tested out on the pattern and bring an unexpectedly trendy charm to well-known.

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36 patterns

Cutleries from Sambonet in

stainless steel are available in many various finishes. A red-hot subject takes up Sambonet with his vintage editions: Cutleries which look as if they were in use even for decades. Baguette vintage, Flat Vintage and the designer draught of the architect Gió Ponti from 1932 can be delivered in this style. This cutlery starts a trend and surpass everything that has gone before: trendy and cool! But this is not the only variation of finish offered by Sambonet: in a physical procedure some cutleries are coated in pitch-black, golden or cupreous as well. The absolute opposite of the vintage finish but absolute topical are cutleries treated with the Physical vapor deposition - briefly called PVD - in the colour copper. This highly topical tone adds new facets to the highly polished design. Even without luxurious surface creations the Sambonet cutlery has its absolutely own style. The modern lines are topical Italian design with a slender silhouette. Already the cutlery Hannah sketched in 1994 by architect Anna Castelli Ferrieri was outstanding by his fluent lines and softy female shapes. The modern cutlery are a landmark of Italian design with pleasant haptics and slender elegant proportions. In this style Sambonet made a whole slew of different patterns, most desinged by the in-house development division 'Sambonet Project Center'. One of these draughts from the own house is the pattern Bamboo which design is based on the organic forms of the bamboo plant:

Long stretched and slender with

the soft fluent lines which pass over into each other; the fork scetched in the original design with three prongs and the pointed bamboo leave was pattern for the tip of the steak knife. Even today most cutlery sets are delivered with the steak knife instead of a dinner knife. A great success, also made in 18/10 silver plated and in PVD Copper. The pattern H-Art followed with similar lines the great success of this Bamboo pattern, but has knives with a completely different function. A the heart-shaped section of the handle bottoms makes sure this cultery lays on the table without rolling. This end lets stand the knife straight on the knife edge like some other modern cutleries, it has a so-called built-in knife rest.

The architectural cutlery Linea

Q is also available in silver plated or in PVD black. The pattern has the features which are guideline in the architecture since middle of the 20th century until today: straight lines and clear proportions. With Linea Q these topics are refinded and became a long slender cutlery in a luxuriant material strength which is one-of-a-kind.

The name of the Italian architect

Gio Ponti closely is connected with the name Sambonet. Aside different designs for the Italian cutlery manufactory founded in 1856 he made a pattern in 1932 which is incomparable in his sophisticated objectivity even today. Unmistakeably this cutlery bears all the marks of the famous architect, just as the Conca penned by the famous architect just 20 years later for Arthur Krupp Milano. At that time, nevertheless, even today an incredible cutlery with handles and bowls joined asymmetrical. Again typical for the Italian architect Gió Ponti the wide handles in almost two-dimensional appearance. In 2009 Rosenthal in Germany was taken over the Sambonet-Paderno industry and so it mustn't surprise that the pattern fit to dishes of Rosenthal: The pattern of Skin is repeated even 1:1 on a décor of TAC. Large and cantilevered  , with explicit reminiscences to the palaces of the North-Italian princes and dukes: The traditional cutlery models which cite draughts of the house of 1900 evoke the association of baroque culinary delights. Typical for the Mediterranean classics is the opulent size and the rich decorated joint between handle and bowl like for example with the pattern Rome. And again in topical PVD Gold incredibly opulent: the cutlery Filet Toiras! Also the twenties of the last century have left their marks in the assortment of the North-Italian enterprise: in first line and absolutely topical the model Baguette, designed and produced in the beginning exclusively for the sleeping car society, the 'Wagon-Lit'. As one of the nicest functional designes this pattern took off in the course of the decades on its triumphal course. Continental match this pattern absolutely. The bell shaped handle and the authentic draught let become this pattern to one of the most popular patterns of the Art Déco during the last 100 years .

With al lot of tradition and

experience, the cutlery assortment of Sambonet is diversified and exceedingly approved at hotels and restaurants. There is no doubt where this cutlery is originated: where princes already 150 years ago dined with cutleries of Sambonet and Italian design is at home today.



Stainless steel of home products is an alloy of steel, chrome and nickel which is dishwasher safe and resistant to corrosion by light organic and inorganic acids and water. To the cleaned steel the elements chrome (Cr) and nickel (Ni) are added and provide the corrosion resistance and the softer shine which can be noticed on closer inspection. High-grade steel - stainless steel can also contain other elements like molybdenum, vanadium and other more, however, common 18/10 steels with 18% of chrome and 10% of nickel is very popular. For low demands 18/0 steel is offered which contains no nickel and is notably less corrosion-resistant  and shining.

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