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Sieger by Fürstenberg LogoSieger by Fürstenberg My China! Ca' d'Oro porcelain - from teapot to saucer

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Sieger by Fürstenberg My China! Colour Collection

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Sieger by Fürstenberg My China! Ca' d'Oro dinnerware
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The Golden House on the Canal

Grande served Michael Sieger as an inspiration for the design in black / white. Architecturally it reduces the 15th century tracery to two elements, the straight line and arc.

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design: Sieger Design
Made in Germany
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Venice is a living part of

the designers life. This décor, inspired by the gothic, reflects exactly this fusion of joie de vivre and the richness of art of the lagoon city. The contrasts in color scheme and geometrical figures emphasize the different basic forms of the essential series My China !, cups and bowls are also differently decorated depending on the form. The porcelain is a comprehensive resource for the design of an exciting, diversified table.


This dinnerware is made in

Germany from hard Porcelain which is composed from kaolin, feldspar and quartz. My China! Ca' d'Oro is finished with a shiny glaze. The decoration is from polished gold. The extraordinary dinnerware meets all the wishes with the extent of his additional parts - from teapot to saucer for mocha cup w/ rim, from bowl extra large coupe to underplate w/ rim.

Hallmark  Sieger By Fürstenberg

Hallmark Sieger By Fürstenberg


The collections of the SIEGER

brand portfolio bear the same signature – the pursuit of the highest standards in terms of materials, functionality and emotive impact.

Brought to life with fine intuition

and passionate dedication, the brand’s modern yet timeless design is more than just an integral component of the product, it’s a promise to provide top quality. A highly detailed design requires nothing less than superior manufacturing techniques. Since 2005, the long-standing porcelain manufacturer FÜRSTENBERG creates unique, handmade porcelain objects, designed by Sieger. There is simply no machinery that is able to match the quality

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