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Sieger by Fürstenberg LogoSieger by Fürstenberg Dinnerware - from Hot to My China! Wunderkammer

Rosenthal dinnerware

Sieger by Fürstenberg dinnerware
Sieger by Fürstenberg brand shop

The collections of the SIEGER

brand portfolio bear the same signature – the pursuit of the highest standards in terms of materials, functionality

Sieger by Fürstenberg brand shop

  • Hot Two faces has the drinking cup, which you and your opponent at the same time look at. Silhoutte-like features, delicately elaborated, a fine-curved mouth and Buddha-like eyes, divide the mug evenly.
    The ensemble is complete with a saucer of My China! White or the champagne cooler Faces as a vase....
  • Sieger by Fürstenberg My China! Ca' d'Oro The Golden House on the Canal Grande served Michael Sieger as an inspiration for the design in black / white. Architecturally it reduces the 15th century tracery to two elements, the straight line and arc.
    Venice is a living part of the designers life. This décor, inspired by the gothic, reflects...
  • My China! Colour Collection
  • Sieger by Fürstenberg My China! Emperor’s Garden My China Emperor's Garden is handmade and decorated exclusively and elaborately. Expressive decors, sparkling colors and handmade motifs. Winner Emperor 's Garden quotes the magic of opulent Chinese porcelain - and still remains its own interpretation.
  • My China! Treasure Gold In Sieger My China Treasure Gold meet two of the oldest materials of humanity. The 'white gold' of Fürstenberg, surrounded by the fine ribbon of pure gold. A classic decor in 24 karat gold, which is a part of a complete service. Based on this variation new combinations are created. The table is...
  • Sieger by Fürstenberg My China! Treasure Platinum My China Treasure Platinum - pure platinum enhances the effect of the unique delicate porcelain. The metallic shimmer of the decor Sieger Treasure Platinum corresponds with the almost translucent white of the material and thus creates an effect that strikes the bow between fairy romanticism and cool...
  • My China! white A range of variants, design and scope is almost unrivaled: a number of cups, bowls and plates offer this translucent dinnerware in three different basic forms: Cylindrical, conical or roundly curved as a coupe shape.
    The cosmos of My China is composed of over 80 single pieces, which make a...
  • Sieger by Fürstenberg My China! Wunderkammer A cornucopia of flat patterns of peonies or butterflies and individual fancy natural elements in deep blue cobalt and 24 karat gold.
    An aura like a lovingly collected treasure from past times surrounds the varied ensemble. The interplay of the different froms surprises with new impressions and...
  • Seven Floral Blue

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Sieger by Fürstenberg

The collections of the SIEGER

brand portfolio bear the same signature – the pursuit of the highest standards in terms of materials, functionality and emotive impact.

Brought to life with fine intuition

and passionate dedication, the brand’s modern yet timeless design is more than just an integral component of the product, it’s a promise to provide top quality. A highly detailed design requires nothing less than superior manufacturing techniques. Since 2005, the long-standing Porcelain manufacturer FÜRSTENBERG creates unique, handmade porcelain objects, designed by Sieger. There is simply no machinery that is able to match the quality of hand craftsmanship. And only in this line of trade do you find individuals who can strike a new path, always with a clear understanding of quality standards.

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