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Robbe & Berking LogoRobbe & Berking cutlery in 925 sterling silver, 150 silver plated and stainless

Puiforcat sterling silver 930 cutleries

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  • Robbe & Berking cutlery in 925 sterling silver, 150 silver plated and stainless
    Robbe & Berking brand shop

    Cutlery of the Flensburg manufacturer

    Robbe & Berking rightly have a doubtless good reputation and already the rise of this company is connected with this. And so the family enterprise for over 140 years has almost made nothing else than knife spoon and forks and therefore possess an immense experience with the production of these luxury products.

  • cutleries 925 sterling silver

    Cutleries 925 sterling silver

    Flatware from massive silver of Robbe and Berking is quite special eating tools. It gives quite a special pleasure to hold this cutlery in the hands. And this is certainly not accidential, because the family enterprise deals since his foundation almost...

    925 sterling silver
  • cutleries 150 silver plated

    Cutleries 150 silver plated

    Silver plated cutleries of Robbe Berking show quite similar characteristic features like the cutleries from massive silver. You see the same designs and find a wide range with a lot of accessories. The essential difference exists in the core of these...

    150 silver plated
  • cutleries vintage series

    Cutleries vintage series

    For all topical tableware Robbe & Berking offers a postpurchase guarantee until 2040. For classic patterns which production has run out for a long time, the Flensburg silversmith continues to produce almost all individual parts.
    These popular...

    vintage series
  • cutleries stainless

    Cutleries stainless

    Under the name of the great silver manufactory Robbe & Berking, products are made of durable steel offered only since a relatively short time - measured by the history of the luxury brand.
    Contemporary cutlery is mainly found in this robust material....

Robbe & Berking cutlery

At the time the company was

founded in 1874, cutlery still started to come into vogue in Europe . In memory: though during the centuries before people owned a spoon and a knife, however, the fork was used in the beginning- if used at all - in the kitchen. Using forks was considered as a dissolute Venetian fashion. The fact that cutlery became a representation object which was also to be found in middle-class households, is the case since the 19th century. And a nice flatware in which all parts fitting together harmoniously became a symbol of a cultured house – like it is even today.

In this sphere Mr. Berking started

to start the production of cutleries in the goldsmith's workshop of Mr. Robbe, and did it very successfully. Many of the cutleries from the pattern book of the company correspond to the prevailing taste at that time, but later there were phases in those the great grandfathers and grandfathers of the current owner Oliver Berking over and over again stamped the assortment of the company with their designs. To particularly be named are Theodor and Robert Berking. In the extreme creative time after the world war the today's luxury brand began to revolutionize the silver with for then incredibly modern designed silver, some collections we find still today under the historical models. In the time after the war unpretentious small cutleries with short knife blades and a spoon-like fork were asked. The company Robbe & Berking sold these products at that time in whole North Germany - what meanta gigantic business zone at that time.

Today the family enterprise from

Flensburg realises regularly new and contemporary desings in sterling or in the silvered plated, executed by the masters of the company concerning the wishes of the designers. Thus three flagships of the assortment 'Alta', 'Riva' and 'Sphinx' were originated during the last years, all after modern designs penned by Wilfried Moll. Besides the Flensburger manufacture also does not disregard the classical pattern: Navette, Französisch Perl, Classic Faden. And even the utterly North German pattern Ostfriesen mustn't be absent in the collection. all products of this luxury brand common is the unconditional love to the detail and an indubitable execution. Last but not least the high-grade stainless steel cutleries should be mentioned, particularly modern designed for the robust use.
On a yacht, for the private home or a representative occasion: in the range of Robbe & Berking cutlery you certainly will find your favorite.

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12" [twelve] Alt Chippendale Alt Faden Alt Kopenhagen Alt Spaten Alta Arcade Art Deco Atlantic Brillant Atlantic matt Avenue Baltic Belvedere Classic Faden Como Dante Eclipse Französisch Perl Gio Hermitage Jardin Lago Martelé Navette Ostfriesen Pax Riva Rosenmuster Scandia Spaten Sphinx Topos Viva York

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Alt Faden Alt Spaten Alta Arcade Classic Faden Eiercloche Französisch Perl Leon Martelé Neue Form Sphinx


Grande Composition Jan von Borstel Sphinx
925 sterling silver
    150 silver plated
      vintage series

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