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Koch & Bergfeld Silver cutlery

in sterling silver belongs to the noblest accessories on the table. With the whole experience which is collected by the manufacture from Bremen in her more than 180-year-old history every single part of this cutlery becomes a piece of art in pure silver. Any hand movement which is necessary to the production was already executed a million times before in this manufacture.

We continue working but the situation of the internal health protection as well as the situation of our manufacturers might delay your delivery. Thank you for understanding!

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No matter whether with the

Art Deco model the Bremer Lilie, Barock or Belle Epoque, or the historical models Ballade or Glorie (Splendour): each detail is worked out perfectly. Till the eighties years real-silver cutlery models mainly were made out of the 800th silver, a practise which today were substituted by manufacturing from 925th sterling silver. The 925th silver contains a bigger portion of pure silver in the core, nevertheless, apart from the stamp at the back it is not to be distinguished from the 800th silver. Produced with the traditional tools of the company, you recognise no difference between the cutlery of today from this silver manufacture to the silver cutlery which was delivered 100 years ago by the same company. Our quite special recommendation is the model Ballade which brings the outstanding competence of the silver manufacture in front.

The for Koch & Bergfeld so typical

slender bowls and blades are complemented by handles in a unique finely worked out execution of this Art Deco ornaments. The masterpieces by which also distinct expert are exited. Quite differently, however, the model of Spaten which is the nicest understatement by his almost sober seeming brilliant surfaces and nearly angular appearance. This one of the most popular models of the manufacture is also available in silvered. For the silver cutlery of this excellent silver manufacture from Germany holds: it is the shining elaboration and the harmonious design which characterized his quality also in case of close examination. And this is valid for all cutlery pattern of Koch & Bergfeld from Bremen, absolutely no matter on which style you decide.


sterling silver

Silver is the first metal of which cutleries were made of and the material has the reputation to possess bactericidal qualities. A sterling cutlery of massive silver is even after decades an object of great value. Depending on the execution real silver objects are not made out of pure silver, but material silver (Ag) are mixed with copper (Cu). The proportionate mass of this alloy is specified in thousandth. So the 800th silver contains 80% of silver and 20% of copper, the 925th silver – also called sterling silver – 7.5% of copper and so on. Therefore, the color of the silver also differs slightly, depending to the percentage of copper in the alloy. Mainly for optical reasons massive silver is galvanized often with a layer of pure silver. Silver is marked with the punch which refers to the punch law of the country of origin. In Germany the imperial crown and the half moon has to be beside the brand of the manufacturer together with the thousandth number as a token for the real silver. In France, however, the head of Minerva in an octagon beside the punch of the manufacture is the juridically correct sign.

Hallmark Sterling Silver Koch & Bergfeld

Hallmark Sterling Silver Koch & Bergfeld

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